• This isthe meaning of “the pure mind creates the
  • Feelings nurture themindand make the mind develop.
  • – Who wouldn’t mind having some fun along the way.

It is to concentrate without mind in one-pointedness, and to forget ourselves in it.

Unfortunately, most human misery also has their root in the mind.

It is conscious use of spiritual power to transform the mind.

She was born male and loves her male sexuality but feels completely female of mind.
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Both teach that pure intuition, “The eye of the soul,” makes possible our seeing the Life of our life, the Mind of our mind, the Love of our love – the One Self within many selves.

The human mind, body and soul are designed to be self healing.

This is especially true, if the mind is brought to one-pointedness in the objective world.
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Hence, in order to have a life of peace andhappiness, youshould cultivate the wholesome seeds through your three personal karmasanddevelop the pure and bright energy of the mind.


They are body, feeling, mind, and themind andmind’s objects.

But most transsexuals either begin cross dressing at an early age well before puberty
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Youmay briefly understand this process of mental purification as follows:a) the involves giving up all kinds of attachment,self-attachment, and manifestations of craving, hatred, and ill will intheflux of the mind; b) the

But also keep in mind that it is NEVER too late to change from one sex to the other.
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It is absolutely notmeditationif you stay in one place (here) and your mind stays in another place(there),even though your breathing still works regularly and unintentionally.

For thisreason,feeling is one of the four foundations of mindfulness.

Thus, you should skillfully employ your breaths, breathing in and out,as aninvisible string to tie the mind and body together, not letting themind workin a disorderly manner in regards to the complexity of thoughts.

Indeed, weare not the rulers, but the slaves to our own minds.

He alsotaught that, when a practitioner diligently exercises breathingmeditationproperly, he or she shall attain the full control of the fourfoundations ofmindfulness and may further achieve the seven factors of enlightenment(seequestions 36 & 40).

Everything is simplified & easy to understand for the beginner.

Inorder to reach that state of samādhi, you should commityourself to a long termof practice as the reality of our mind always flows like the flux of ariver.

In lessons 1-3 you can contrast different states of mind.

Breathingmeditation relies on breathing in and out to dispel thoughts and tocontrol themind, while insight meditation involves meditating on the fourfoundations ofmindfulness: body, feeling, mind, and mind’s objects (seequestion 36).

Foundations of Mind IV conference: Quantum …

As such, if not tied to a certain object of meditation, the mind willwork in adisorderly manner, aimlessly thinking—much like a monkeyconstantly moving fromone branch to another.