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World War I provided a place for the birth of propaganda which countries used with even more frightening results during World War II.

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After World War I World War I which was known as a war that ended all the other wars and as the Great War finally came to an end in 1918 changing life in many countries especially in the United States of America either in a negative or positive way.


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Out of the fourteen points, the first five were allotted towards bringing about general peace that would benefit economically and socially benefit the countries that fought in World War I.


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A remarkable use of radar during World War II was the proximity fuze. The idea was simple, but seemingly impossible: put a tiny radar set on each artillery shell, and have the radar set trigger the detonation of the shell when it was close to its target. Smaller and more rugged tubes and appropriate control systems were developed, and the proximity fuze moved rapidly from experimental device to use in practical weapons. By the end of the war some 22 million had been produced, and they became very important in artillery, particularly anti-aircraft artillery. Proximity fuses, remain in use today.

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It has been said that won the war for the Allies in World War II. While that’s an overstatement, it is true that radar had a huge impact on how World War II was fought on both sides. Radar is, in essence, a very basic way of obtaining information. That very simplicity makes it highly adaptable—during the war scientists and engineers found dozens of ways of using it.

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Most of the air (and naval) actions in World War II fought with radar at UHF and below. Early U.S. radar equipment operated at 200 MHz. The XAF and CXAM search radars were designed by the Naval Research Laboratory, and were the first operational radars in the US fleet, produced by RCA. These were followed by large scale production of other 200-MHz systems, the SA, SK and SR. Other systems at 400, 600, and 1200 MHz became available by the end of the war.

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There are also other causes for the outbreak of World War One including Political systems and developments, Colonial Conflicts and rivalries, The Moroccan Crises, The Balkan Wars and the July Crisis...

A remarkable use of radar during World War II was the proximity fuze.

Otto von Bismarck was right when he said, “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans (goodreads).” Gavrilo Princip was an influential person of the 20th century because of his assassination of Archduke Ferdinand II....