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The relative importance of systolic versus diastolic blood pressure control and incident symptomatic peripheral artery disease in women.

James Adair's 1775 "History of the American Indians"

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The relation of education and income to cognitive function among professional women.
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The former is so atrocious in the eyes of the American Hebrews, that they reckon there needs no human law to prevent so unnatural a crime; the vilest reptiles being endued with an intense love to their young ones: and as to the latter, if even a great war-leader is known to cohabit with his own wife, while sanctifying himself according to their mode on any religious occasion, he is deemed unclean for the space of three days and nights; or should he during the annual atonement of sins, it is deemed so dangerous a pollution, as to demand a strict exclusion from the rest of the sanctified head-men and warriors, till the general atonement has been made at the temple, to appease the offended Deity: besides, as a shameful badge of his impiety, his clothes are stripped off.

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We adjusted every thing in the most friendly manner, to the intire satisfaction of the Choktah.
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On this account, if we except the women chopping fire-wood for daily use, it is as rare to hear the sound of an ax in their countries, as if they lived under the unhospitable torrid zone; or were nearly related to the South-American animal Pigritia, that makes two or three days journey in going up a tree, and is as long in returning.


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At the whoop, they soon appeared, and cheerfully complied with our various requests, to the great satisfaction of our new Choktah friends.
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And by the mean mediation of several of our principal traders, joined with the interest of their red friends, the commandant of the Alebahma fort, prevailed at last on the Chikkasah chieftain to take the three French prisoners to him, as he would pay him to his own satisfaction, give him presents, and drink with him as a friend, who had buried the bloody tomohawk deep in the ground.

An evaluation of candidate genes of inflammation and thrombosis in relation to the risk of venous thromboembolism: the Women's Genome Health Study.
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"for the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar, to make an atonement for your souls; for it is the blood, which maketh an atonement for the soul" When the English traders have been making sausages mixt with hog's blood, I have observed the Indians to cast their eyes upon them, with the horror of their reputed fore-fathers, when they viewed the predicted abomination of desolation, fulfilled by Antiochus, in defiling the temple.

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When the crime is proved against the woman, the enraged husband accompanied by some of his relations, surprises and beats her most barbarously, and then cuts off her hair and nose, or one of her lips.

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Though most of their virtue hath lately been corrupted, in this particular they still affix vicious and contemptible ideas to the eating of swine's flesh; insomuch, that Shúkàpa, "swine eater," is the most opprobious epithet they can use to brand us with: they commonly subjoin Akanggàpa, "eater of dunghill fowls" Both together, signify "filthy, helpless animals" By our surprising mismanagement in allowing them a long time to insult, abuse, rob, and murder the innocent British subjects at pleasure, without the least satisfaction, all the Indian nations formerly despised the English, as a swarm of tame fowls, and termed them so, in their set speeches.

The 4 Qualities Of A Conscious Relationship

Among those Indians, when adultery is discovered, the offending parties commonly set off speedily for the distant woods, to secure themselves from the shameful badge of the sharp penal law, which they inevitably get, if they can be taken before the yearly offering for the atonement of sin; afterward, every crime except murder is forgiven.

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But the third crime of the like nature, is attended with more danger; for their law says, that for public heinous crimes, satisfaction should be made visible to the people, and adequate to the injuries of the virtuous, -- to set their aggrieved hearts at ease, and prevent others from following such a dangerous crooked copy.