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Do we stay with the same family/friends throughout our past, present, and future lives?

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is our past life connected to our presence life or possibly our future life
I am still going through a spiritual awakening and was able to find one past life. I found out I was Annabel Lee. Aka Edgar Allen Poe’s wife Viginia. He wrote the poem for her. She passed of Tuberculosis. I just found out I have COPD. Im glad it’s ONLY that. Its treatable. Through your white light healing sessions, I was able to connect with my twin flame It wasnt planned. But it’s great to know that true love never dies.

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Liberia: Past and Present of Africa's Oldest Republic . Cape Mesurado 1890
I do believe in past lives. I would like to know how our past lives affect our present ones and if the people we knew/loved in previous lives come into our current lives in a similar relationship (think Time Traveler’s Wife or similar movie).


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The past, present, and future of your family tree are all far more fascinating than you realize.
Great idea Blair, I was so excited as well to see the interest on this topic as well if you noticed (lol) I made great connections. I believe from what I had seen from the responses there were two common themes of questions. How many lives did I live? and how one past live can input the present life, such as fears, phobia, repetitive action and getting the same results and blocks. Since my NDE/cleansing as well a kundalini awakening the people I am assisting, the latter one is the most important to cover.
(Would love one day to do a webinar with you via skpe and let people know what a NDE feels like and do Q@A’s with you.) In my 7th house this year and this is my year to shine! :-)….. I am loving your 2014 approach to connecting. Great vibes on your pages. Hi to Wendy and have a awesome day.

Hike Like A Woman, Past, Present & Future
Past life information and experiences will benefit the US population. It is a subject that has been long suppressed by religion and lack of education. I first heard of it 33 years ago. Please get the information out to the population. Thank You Phil

Women's Marital Status: Past and Present

We have all lived many past lives. Each incarnation brings with it our past lessons for us to improve on and challenges for us to work through. This is called karma.

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My mother provided the following contrasts of the past and present marital status of Chinese women in order to show their improved social status since liberation.

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i truly believe we have all been here before, but I’d like to know how it effects our current life and the people presently in our life. Are these same people always be in our past, present and our future? Thank you and God Bless.

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With the life we lead and live now…….Do we carry any negative energies from our past lives to our present and how do we learn, correct or change that?

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The first was “Woman Citizen: Past, Present, and Future,” a series of events to commemorate the centennial of woman suffrage in Oregon (1912-2012) by fostering education and discussion about women’s history and the gendered dimensions of citizenship, and also by encouraging civic and political engagement at OSU and in the Corvallis/Benton County community.

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I would very much like a series of webinars on the subject of reincarnation beginning w/the connection between reincarnation and karma. Specifically, how karma comes to play w/the actions of past and present lives and how your works of the life prior are destined and not completely in your control as a result of these past actions. Thank you.