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The film continues taking itself too seriously as Max arrives, now donning a hipster’s take on the wolf suit (tatty, with fingerless gloves for hands and Chuck Taylors poking through the feet), at the famous isle of the titular Things. Max pads his résumé with previous experience as Ruler of a Kingdom so that the monsters won’t eat him up, and, once he is crowned King by head honcho Carol (voiced by James Gandolfini), a vaguely political scenario starts to brew. The puppets (created by the Henson Creature Shop) are carefully crafted, and their design very much invokes Sendak’s beloved illustrations. Perhaps it is due, then, to their movements (they lumber along like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, unable to bounce the sprightly way that the drawn creatures can) that the spirits of these animals leave little impact (besides the goat-headed Alexander). Alexander (voiced by Paul Dano) has gestures more lithe and expressions more sensitive than the others. He is also the easiest to relate to of the Wild pack, being the Eeyore of the group, perpetually ignored and grumpily accustomed to it.

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What we get is a mishmash of styles in a glacially paced movie that will probably appeal to adults who can relate to all the psychological dysfunction on display.

"Where the Wild Things Are" is meant to get into the mind of young precocious 9-year-old Max (Max Records), whose unruly behavior, particularly against Mom (Catherine Keener), sends him off into his own fantasy world to an island inhabited by oversized creatures with monster-sized troubles—a community not unlike a group of humans Max might discover in his everyday life.


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If you find a steady diet of Hollywood a little bland, here is a recipe for something completely different. First, take an enduring and iconic children's literary classic—Maurice Sendak's (about a rambunctious boy who discovers and conquers a world of giant monsters in a kingdom where he makes the rules) will do nicely. Next, bring in a rule-breaking, visionary, surrealist director like Spike Jonze (, ) and give him close to $100 million to bring Max and his monsters to the big screen. Then, find a gifted author (albeit one who's never written a screenplay before) like the ironic and whimsical Dave Eggers () and stir him in as a co-collaborator on the script. Season with the alt-acoustic stylings of musicians Karen O and Carter Burwell; bake for a very long time (at least two years of revisions). Then proudly serve , a beautiful and disturbing movie about childhood that isn't particularly palatable (or appropriate) for children.