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Her first attempt at writing “To Kill a Mocking Bird” was declined by every publisher, because she only wrote a series of short stories.

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I see that she is just a day of merry men, doing their sinful way
you are my lover
you are my lover
you are my lover
were but it so
we come together the closest
i will always rember you
I'm looking at the many pictured
I'm looking at the many pictures
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
this agate dotted shore
those Polariods taken of you, by Uncle Charlie
lorem ipsum
lorem ipsum dolores
a table of gypsum
delores lay upon
joins the tantrum
loving herbs like a rain fal niht lives within your bowels
Feel the slow-moving slather like mortar on trowels
Hearts barely beating in dull evening stares
your ass is like honey
the glances which barely reach above the stairs
are from short little dwarfs, that are standin on drawers,
Baa Black sheep have you got any wool on you
how sad to marry the wrong man
but of course i do!
there are no penguins in alaska
A babe was born with golden yellow locks
they migrated to nebraska
they migrated to nebraska
With hearts made of plaster
to get away from all this nonsense
crumbling white powder
Have you lately heard the sounds of childhood summers?
Have you lately heard the sounds of childhood summers?
Sounds of forgotten pictures.
up, down turn around
fancy stealer
Finding answers
your an man stealer and you know it never ever show it
Got my bean in a coffee cup
I wish my mind would simply shut up
Because my brain is as empty as a cup.
'Make me a Sheila Star because...
I put you in a cupboard and thence throw on sugar
me at you
I've no more love to give
attacked by killer clouds
they devoured everything
is a many splendored thing
and no more was theit bling
The day has come for us to spread our wings and fly
I am the king
our dread is death for from aldi our wings we buy
your mom is the king
supermache musings dreaded by some
with pious intentions she does sing
lets run and jump in the rain
they dont like people with faces here
off like wet panties
Three thousand men died that stormy day, not by steel
what a nice piece of art
so all day the leprecorns played twister
so all day the leprecorns played twister
the day we met
Come one come all
you placed a bet
In weight traing joking around and curling
In weight training joking around and curling What type os steel is that my homeboy said Sterling
sup babe
All that is shit
As the length of my wood
luckily I cleaned my bit
that makes the squeemish tremble
my son sam turns 16 today
I love Adrian
i love
Cane-free men
Your words surprised me and made me see
claime to be condemed
That love in my eyes is similar to thee
OK all better now no need to get riled
Roses are red
Roses are red
musin a delight
I wiped away his tears of honey
dew not, the tears you wipe
To you, Gen Chorba, I say GOSH
you are quite a deer
Then I had to leave
like a rabbit in a headlight
For the sky had fallen
like a rabbit in a headlight
like a pile of dead babies
I love you
i shall sit there and cry
i changed my mind
and for all all will add stuff later
i am a lover not a hater
brain dead masterminds with a force of conviction
i'm a cheater not a man
My love for you is oh so true
i'm a cheater not a man
i'm a cheater not a man
i'm a cheater not a man
man am I, cheater wasn't
man am I, cheater wasn't
I, Liar I am not and to those that have not forgot I am man and i choose the path that works best for my life not yours
Windows stand open for angels to enter
O Craig!

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22/09/2011 · Book Review : To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee Spoiler Alert
The book gives a more thorough look at the details of the family and the killers, the book is written to take the events and elevate them into a story, enabling the event to transcend their specific historical moment....


To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) is a much-loved, critically-acclaimed, classic trial film
I comes this way.
golden section
not to play , not say hey but to bring dismay
no in my world
i love you
jiggly puff my heart dances with poo
like the horse you rode in on
monster trucks
i fucked ur mom
i like as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
i like them as much as my chucks
if only i had a million bucks
five oh beatnik groove
I'd give you the sun , the moon and the stars
i have no true friends, which is why people stare,i just wanted some peeps, to be kind and care
but that would surely kill you
acrid wind beneath wings so torn, feel the breaze, let me soar
ass shit
sesttle down you wild indians
ass shit i quit
dont ask me when the fun begins
light it up and take a hit
you will end up having twins
oh no i quit
that is not when the fun begins
what was
how about when you have twins
dont ask me what was she always lies about what she does
thats not when the fun begins
she is drinking and has a buzz
you just had twins
that is all she ever does
and I already want to punch there chins
if you ask her why she will say because
is that when the fun begins
what are the name of the twins
no the fun never begins unless you are the twins
I hate it when this begins
you can punch them in there chins
go punch them in there chins
no I cant they are my twins
do not be mean to the twins
turn them into bowling pins
stop telling me when the trouble begins
that is when the fun begins
you want to take home one of my twins
use them both for bowling pins
no just punch them in the chins
I just punched them in there chins
I want to give you my twins
ha ha ha those worthless twins
no just let me punch thier twins
no just let me punch their chins
you can do it on thier chins
and who ever does not cry wins
please just be nice to your twins
send the other to bed and fun begins
only if the fun begins
oh I hope it never ends
just get rid of the twins
well how you act depends
there mothers might punch us in our chins
I do not have any friends
just get rid of the worless twins
you must have boring weekends
that is when the fun begins
yes I do please find me some friends
let's rape the kings and kill the queens
tape the strings and spill the beans
tape the strings and spill the beans,never meant to speak like that,dirty twat smellsl like this,homegrown skunk,poets piss
give a piece and thrill the queens
hey ugly you got pink
oh yeah that's right
my life is brilliant
Peanut butter toast
thus I am blinded when I look in the mirror.
Lard cake, muster a fake.

Sep 22, 2011 · Book Review : To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee Spoiler Alert

eat meatloaf, feel the beef stroke, up and down your leg ma lady, and the lotion o it shall be a plenty, so send me to a place ive not tasted or touched, and let me hear how you love me so much
Kaytlin ...
Kaytlin ...
i am hungery
i am hungery
this is why im hot
food for thought, food for dinner
you aint cos you not
I keep eating, I won't get thinner
by the grammar nazi got shot
My outer look has become inner
If I ever did what I should have done in the first place I probably would never have done did doing that
she drove a red lexus
my vagine was hot and wet
you are not very interesting
Hi my name is Rosalyn
said the owl
said the owl
crimson water mix
red evaporation
money rich
my cock is in a rut
Calvin Green was a great Spiritual leader
my ass hurts from buttsex
rejected by my secnd ex
rejected by my secnd ex
inspected by that old t-rex
oh dance with me
I need a cig
i think its our destiny
i want a cig
you dig
Why is it wild?
freedom fighting expertise
i don't know
I'ma country boy Polk County born and raised
drips from the sky
jeeper creepers were did u get those creepers were did u those peepers were did u get those eyes
buy this cereal
Peeping Creeping misconspicious tries
sometimes your heart finds you
love you
when the heart breaks down
Run corey like fat cat on dubs.
Run corey like fat cat on dubs.
the school is dead.
I've found a use for these old ticket stubs
when no-one else is here, i can give them lots of hugs
but what white water lies in my insides sweeping in and out, bloody cavern
I breaking, bleeding
i wonder what's under
have followed my own tracks in the snow
you pants
i want your sex
excuse me can i have this dance
let's talk about you and me
I wanna sticky sweet romance
all the fun times that we've had
romance like pants can itch like ants
Cannot stop me feeling sad
In diaries of yesteryear find the answer within a diagram of Gantt
and cannot stop me feeling mad
I would be suprised if you said you can't
basically I am complicated
You don't care if i feel like an ant
Whimsically i thought while i masterbated
just inches away from the ends of my hands
signal signal signal wiggle
signal signal signal wiggle
I stand beneath December tree
I stand beneath December tree
Branches a-wavering in the breeze
Hoping that you will see me
Hoping that you will see me
am a revolt am a rebellion independent party political vendetta contender
Hoping that you will see me
god is dead
before your manly hummer makes a pancake out of me
magnificent thirteen
white dress
all dressed in aberdeen
under yellow bile
with my vinyl shoes glistening
under yellow bile the dress smelled vile
ive got flows that kill
the day was clear, the end was near
and it gives me thrills
jessica was lame
the shivers, shakes and frills
was amazing
My blood, my heart, my wretched pointless life
My blood, my heart, my wretched pointless life
thoughtless wisdom,
thoughtless wisdom,
a nagging sense of delay
a cursing woman and a scowling man
The pansy violet madness bloom