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  • asSatan: tall trom Divine Grace; 4.
  • The serpent whichwe see is .

This list of names for Satan has been taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.

Odin disguised hunself as asnake (also as an eagle, its opposite: cf.

this may explain the serpent-forms onGermanic swords, e.g.

Healer.Erected by Moses in the wilderness after the visitation of fiery serpents.
Not far from his house there was a high mountain. This was his favoriteplace to hunt, and he went there often, for this was the easiest place tospot game. One day while hunting on this mountain he saw a human lying inthe footpath. His dog ran ahead then raced around the person who was lyingthere, all the time barking loudly. The dog was so wild that it seemed hewanted to tear the person to pieces. With difficulty the hunter held himback. It was strange that the dog was attacking this person with suchfury, because normally he would do no harm to anyone.

asnake expresses sun-rays (another link with sword); 2.

But, in the fight, members of the serpent seed would only be able to bruise Jesus'
A week passed by, and one day they saw ever so many snakes, a hugetroop of them, wriggling up to their cottage. "Ah, mammie, save me, saveme!" cried the girl, and her mother slammed the door and barred theentrance as quickly as possible. The snakes would have rushed in at thedoor, but the door was shut; they would have rushed into the passage, butthe passage was closed. Then in a moment they rolled themselves into aball, flung themselves at the window, smashed it to pieces, and glided ina body into the room. The girl got upon the stove, but they followed her,pulled her down, and bore her out of the room and out of doors. Her motheraccompanied her, crying like anything.


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There would be seeds of the serpent, all throughout history, who would possess
Then good Oda stuck out her soft, warm hand and picked up the coldsnake, who had been enchanted for a long time and who could only beredeemed if everything could happen just as it had now happened. He wastransformed into a handsome young prince, and he immediately took Oda ashis wife.

The same idea is incorporated into the Nordic myth about the serpent of Midgard (15).
Yet, in their multiplicity and as creatures of the desert, snakes are forces of destruction, afflicting all those who have succeeded in crossing the Red Sea and leaving Egypt (57); in this sense, they are connected with the 'temptations' facing those who have overcome the limitations of matter and have entered into the realm of the 'dryness' of the spirit.

This explains why Blavatsky can say that, physically, the snake symbolizes the seduction of strength by matter (as Jason by Medea, Hercules by Omphale, Adam by Eve), thereby providing us with a palpable illustration of the workings of the process of involution; and of how the inferior can lurk within the superior, or the previous within the subsequent (9).

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A damsel fell in love with a snake, and was also beloved by him. Hetook her to wife. His dwelling was of pure glass, all crystal. Thisdwelling was situated underground, in a kind of mound, or something of thesort.

Symbolism And Iconography of The Serpent

X, 345) regarded Eve as an archaic Phoenician goddess of the underworld who is personified in the serpent (although a better interpretation would be to identify it with the allegorical figure of Lilith, the enemy and temptress of Eve).

The Serpent VE92 is a faction-specific carbine

In support of this, Eliade points to the numerous Mediterranean deities who are represented carrying a snake in one or both of their hands (for example, the Greek Artemis, Hecate, Persephone), and he relates these to the finely sculpted Cretan priestesses in gold or ivory, and to mythic figures with snakes for hair (Medusa the Gorgon, or the Erinyes).

Symbolism of the Serpent - The Irish Origins of Civilization

As regards the West, Bayleyhas suggested that the snake, since its sinuous shape is similar to that of waves, may be a symbol of the wisdom of the deeps (4) and of the great mysteries.

19. THE SERPENT OF GENESIS 3. - Angelfire

Well, when the time came, the snake's wife became the mother of twins,a boy and a girl. They looked, as they lay by their mother, as if theywere made of wax. And she was herself as beautiful as a flower.