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It has five strings (two pairs and one single)The Puerto Rican is of Spanish origin.

Puerto Rico means "rich port" in Spanish

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This phrase is rampant among Puerto Ricans and is short for Me cago en nada or the equivalent of damn! or shit! Boricuas use this phrase when forgetting something or doing something incorrectly. It is a catch-all phrase also used to express surprise or frustration. To soften, substitute cago (shit) for caso -that in this case doesn’t make any sense in the context of the sentence; it is just a word that rhymes. A translation for caso in English could be to marry or a case.

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Food and Drinks. Although Puerto Rican cooking is often compared to Spanish, Cuban and Mexican cuisine, it is a unique tasty blend of Spanish, African, Taíno, and American influences, using such indigenous seasonings and ingredients as coriander, papaya, cacao, nispero, apio, plantains, and yampee.
Settlers from other lands and African slaves also became part of the growing population.The dominant surviving elements of Puerto Ricans race and culture were those brought by the Spaniards who began to populate the island at the beginning of the sixteenth century.


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Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida Inc. s is number one Google wepage, advocating for more than one million Puerto Ricans in Florida.
With the shortage of native people, were brought over from Sudan, Senegal, Congo, Sierra Leona, Senegal and other countries to contribute to the labor needs of the ruling group. In the early ninetieth century the took place which later resulted in Puerto Rico falling under American power. This added a strong American influence to the Puerto Rican culture. From this point on all citizens of Puerto Rico were given US citizenship and since the 1950's they have experienced internal self-government instead of being controlled by the American government. Today Puerto Rico is a complex mix of race and culture.

Learn 7 Puerto Rican Spanish slang cuss words and phrases swear like a Boricua. Includes equivalents to soften them and a video with audio pronunciations.
Puerto Rican authorities recently announced that investment firm Putnam Bridge will be embarking on a $108 million real estate project which will include, among other things, 252 apartments and 4,645 square meters of commercia...

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Tuesday marks six months since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico as a category 4 hurricane. As the storm ripped through the island on Sept. 20, an emergency management official told ABC News that island was “destroyed.” Six months later, island and federal officials are speaking with ABC

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Generators are still humming. Candles are still flickering. Homes are still being repaired. Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria exactly six months ago, and the U.S. territory is still struggling to recover from the strongest storm to hit the island in nearly a century. "There are a lot of people

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The Spaniards initially brought in African slaves to help in their search for gold, and later to work in the planting and harvesting of sugar cane.The present population of Puerto Rico can be divided roughly into three overlapping categories: Whites, Blacks and a large variety of types representing various mixtures of Indians, Spaniards and Blacks.

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Six months after Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane that knocked out power to almost the entire island, tens of thousands remain without electricity and the U.S. territory is struggling to recover. Hurricane Maria severely damaged Puerto Rico's electrical grid and caused an estimated $100

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Trade between Puerto Rico and the United States developed so quickly that the United States soon rivaled Spain in trade importance with the island.On September 23, 1868 an army of Puerto Ricans proclaimed independence for the island from Spain in what is known as the Grito de Lares, but the army was quickly defeated by Spanish soldiers.