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Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.”God takes witchcraft very seriously.

This is why the idea of witchcraft still lives on today

c. 420: St. Augustine argues witchcraft is an impossibility.

To become involved in witchcraft in any way is to enter Satan’s realm.
The two Old Testaments, which had the quotes that the Jewish Priest wrote, had affected people of Europe because they influenced so many arguments of witches and God, and people were willing to believe the latest statement made about witches. When the two Old Testaments explained that witches were to be killed, St. Augustine argued that they were actually powerless under God. St. Augustine’s view was accepted, and many people did not worry. But later, the accused confessed on having witchcraft powers, and people in Europe believed them and started freaking out. They wanted eliminate any trace of evil in the area.

1643-1645:The largest witch-hunt in French history occurred.

Any practice that dabbles in a power source other than the Lord Jesus Christ is witchcraft.
Europe was done with witch-hunts, but the history of witchcraft affected the Salem Witch Trials in the Massachusetts Bay Colony area because the Puritans took the history, ideas, and beliefs of witchcraft with them to the New World. The Puritans thought they were safe, but when the afflicted girls started acting strangely, they thought it was witches that were tormenting them. They thought they were witches because they thought back in Europe they wiped out the witches, but the New World was full of unknown things. To the Puritans, any little strange behavior is strange, unusual, and not normal. Anything similar was considered bad, and because the Devil was associated with evil, he himself was involved in the hysterias.


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This superstition led to another, that of lighting, lating, or leeting the witches.
Many arguments about witches follow 560 B.C. Each statement is contradicting the one before it, and many recent arguments are always accepted as the new and correct theory. For example, around 420 C.E., a church leader, St. Augustine, argued that demons and witches could not function under the face of God. This is accepted as the new orthodoxy of the Church. But in 1273, Thomas Aquinas argued that dangerous demons and witches are roaming the country.

She lived in the Forest of Pendle, amongst this wicked company of dangerous witches.
The Puritans were afraid of the Devil because they believe the imaginary world of God and the Devil is as real as their visual world, them, and the Native Americans. The Puritans believe the Devil and the Native Americans are the same. The witchcraft idea comes from people’s religion, beliefs, and fears. The Puritans still had the ideas of witchcraft stuck in their heads.

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He was possessed of a considerable amount of general information, had studied the world by which he was surrounded, and was a leading member of the Wesleyan connection. The faith element, however, predominated amongst his religious principles, and hence both he and his family were firm believers in witchcraft.

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Horses were bewitched out of their stables through the loopholes, after the doors had been locked, and were frequently found strayed to a considerable distance when they ought to have been safe in their stalls.

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It was believed that if a lighted candle were carried about the fells or hills from eleven to twelve o'clock at night, and burned all that time steadily, it had so far triumphed over the evil power of the witches, who, as they passed to the Malkin Tower, would employ their utmost effor ts to extinguish the light, and the person whom it represented might safely defy their malice during the season, but if, by any accident the candle went out, it was an omen of evil to the luckless wight for whom the experiment was made.

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Why seek spirits who are not the Holy Spirit?” Witchcraft and its many counterparts promise spirituality but lead only to emptiness and death (Micah 5:12; Galatians 5:19–21).