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• Share your findings with your partners.

• Make questions using the words you found.

 Psychologists are quickly learning how dangerous smartphones can be for teenage brains.

By Queensryche. Song is about a stalker and his or her victim."...Outside your balcony I have a room with a view. And I'm watchingyou...When your alone I know when you turn out the light. I'm gonna get closeto you..."

• Ask your partner / group your questions.

1) How many years of data did researchers look at? a) 30 b) 40 c) 15 d) 10

By Metal Church. Song is about beating alcohol addiction and the everydaystruggle to stay clean and sober. "I've been waking up shaking and thebottles are gone...The craving grows stronger the longer I'm away...Temptationis the hardest thing...Lose faith in yourself, off the wagon you fall..."


STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

By Gary Moore. An anti-war song. "A letter from the draftboard put painin all your dreams. You're just another number in military schemes. Theymarched you in a uniform, you wore against your will. With lies of hope andglory, they taught you how to kill..."

By Warlock. Song is about the environment on a battlefield after a majorbattle or war has taken place. "...An endless battlefield. Overcrowdedwith death...No singing of a bird, rustle of a tree...War has ended..."

STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)

By . A person hasdifficulty "letting go" and moving on from a relationship. "Howcan I just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace...But to waitfor you, is all I can do and that's what I've got to face. Take a good look atme now, cos I'll still be standing here. And you coming back to me is againstall odds. It's the chance I've gotta take..."

STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

By Country Joe and the Fish. About the health hazards of , a herbicide used in theVietnam War. "...This agent orange from Vietnam, we carry it with usstill. It stays inside for years and years before it starts to kill. You mightget cancer of the liver, you might get cancer of the skin. You can file fordisability but you might not live to win..."

STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)

By Ani DiFranco. A complex song about many health issues. References made torisk taking, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, unprotected sex, low selfesteem, and lack of respect for self and body. "...She is looking for thekisses that she never got at home...And if she ends up with some dirty hotdisease. It's a small price she pays for the need to be pleased...Our heroinelike many others is now dead..."

Which of these words go in the above text?

By Canibus. About the growing dangers and health threats from and the HIV Virus."...Yo,yo, now that millions is dead I'm considered widespread Number one on the topten and considered a world wide threat...H-I-V will progress to And transform your warm blooded bonesto dry flesh By stressing the immune system Promiscuous men and women trying toavoid getting the micro-organism in them from running up in it raw Ready andwilling, a couple of minutes of a good feeling is what'll kill them Break yabody down in steps, breath for breath In the hospital wit less then a dozenT-cells left..."

Today's teenagers are more mature than ever before. Discuss.

By Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell. About devotion and the power of love overtime, and across the miles. "...No matter where you are, no matter howfar. Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry...Although we are miles apart,if you ever need a helping hand, I'll be there on the double as fast as Ican..." Song could also be adapted for a lesson/activity about variousnotable geographic features of the ."...There ain't no , Ain't no , Ain't no . To keep me from getting to you..."