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Gellner should have added that industrialization came before nationalism

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and above all the question of which came first, nations or nationalism.
Classic account of nationalism as a phenomenon of the modern world. Geller focuses attention on the importance of the Industrial Revolution and the needs of capitalism for a common language. Not particularly applicable to the Atlantic world.

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There is a much broader framework to view these events from, voiced by Noam Chomsky and many others. With the Soviet Empire's collapse, there was little obstacle to the USA establishing a de facto Global Empire, and China was the only serious obstruction to that goal. William Blum ended with "Noam Chomsky has noted that the end of the Cold War has enabled the USA's government to achieve its ultimate goal - 'to set the terms of discussion' for virtually any international issue, and thus become the ultimate empire." When viewed through that lens, so much becomes clear that our propaganda systems obscure. The ethnic strife that we saw in Yugoslavia and the Indian subcontinent were partly due to conscious strategies implemented by the colonial powers to divide and conquer the people, in an ancient strategy.


So do we use a point system to determine which camp we fall into

Was there ever a “Medieval Nationalism”
A great irony of that human experiment speculation was a contemporaneous story that was a far more responsible speculation. A February 2, 1999 e-mail from the International Action Center stated that hoof and mouth disease broke out in Iraq when the December bombing happened. The disease threatened the nation's entire livestock population. It crippled over a million animals by that time. For a nation already starving, it was a terrible blow. The International Action Center openly wondered if the CIA intentionally introduced it into Iraq. If so, it would be no surprise. The CIA probably performed acts of biological warfare against Cuba, including introducing Newcastle disease to Cuba's turkey population, swine fever to its pigs, Dengue Fever to human Cubans, and even inducing killer storms through weather control.

In some places around the world, racial hatred is increasing
The political killings in Colombia in the early 21st century rolled along at about the same clip as in those years documented in the table above, with about 3,000 people a year dying at the hand of the government-sponsored death squads. Most Americans associate Colombia with today, and the lawless drug cartels and the coca production in Colombia is the rationale for the USA's proposed $1.6 billion military aid package to the Colombian government. During 1989 and 1990, when the most spectacular drug-related violence was taking place, murders that were widely covered in the American media, a careful count of the violent deaths in Colombia yielded the fact that drug-related murder accounted for 0.18% of the violent deaths, and less than 10% of the level of violence committed by the state against its citizens.

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With Suharto out of power, Bill Clinton became the world's leading war criminal. More blood was on his hands than anyone else’s, at least for those who were still adding to their tally, and he was racking up the deaths at a much faster rate than Suharto did. Clinton bombed Baghdad in 1993 as bizarre retribution for an alleged plot to kill George Bush when he was president. With that debut in international violence, Clinton was an able successor to George Bush the First's criminal ways.

Vladimir’s choice Whither nationalism

In watching the American media's treatment of the East Timor situation, I did not see one news account disclose to the public the USA's emphatic support of the East Timorese genocide during the 1970s. That history was invisible in the media accounts. In the Seattle media, for the first time I saw a hint about the conflict in America over the USA's ties to the Indonesian military. The article was a whitewash of the USA's involvement. The article quoted one Senate dissident Senate, Tom Harkin of Iowa. Regarding American support for the Indonesian special forces, who were training and arming those "vigilantes," Harkin was quoted as saying, "I can't see any benefit to it…what good did it do us?" As with nearly every foreign policy decision the USA has ever made, the question is framed as, "What's in it for us?" Harkin, one of the few American politicians with some backbone, was candid enough to admit it. The question is never really framed as to how it is helping the people in those nations that we "helped," not behind closed doors. That is not the game and never has been. When the USA reinstalled Aristide in Haiti, they gutted his initial reforms and kept the Haitian people in the yoke.

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World opinion was united that the USA was committing a great crime against the people of Yugoslavia with its attack. It violated Yugoslavia's sovereignty as well as international law. That globally held understanding was not to be found in America's mainstream media.