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Visionary leaders are the builders of a new dawn, working with imagination, insight, and boldness

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Visionary leaders see beyond current job titles and skill levels and see what that person can become. By doing so, they might just grow into larger and more consequential roles themselves, and create opportunities for those around them along the way. This process always begins with affirming the gifts God has given to those you lead so that when the time comes, they are ready to take the next step—and so are you.

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Visionary leaders must resist the temptation to rely on their own abilities, making it all about them, their goals, causes, and ego. They must be about their Father’s business, for his glory and because it is his will.


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Remember that visionary leaders live horizontally. They are obsessed with helping those around them achieve their best. It’s been said that the best leaders are those who work themselves out of a job. Visionary leaders do not give into the insecurities common to so many, worrying others might take their place or surpass them in some way.

This is why the second part of this verse is so important. Scripture tells us that you will know them by their fruits (Matt. 7:16). Visionary leaders must observe the products of their actions and measure them against the goals set out for us by Jesus.

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Visionary leadership is always the result of an anointing from God. This can be the greatest question many leaders will ever ask themselves—since we all want to believe that we are anointed for the task we feel called to—but in times of struggle, it’s easy to question if we truly are.

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Leadership certainly can be a lonely place, but it should never be isolated. True visionary leadership requires accountability to others. This may mean that you are forced to sift through voices and opinions that are both productive and destructive, but you must listen with an open heart to change when necessary.

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Authenticity is something that others can see on and in you. Authenticity is one of life’s most distinct aromas. Try as they may to hide it, the poser and the fraud are eventually found out and the truth is almost always revealed. The first and most important step in visionary leadership is cultivating an authentic self, because authenticity inspires respect and belief from those who follow you.

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In this way, visionary leaders are both horizontal and vertical. They are able to build up the people and platforms around them (horizontal)—often making them even better than themselves—while demonstrating the attributes of Christ and building the Kingdom of God (vertical) at the same time.

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As Christians, Christ commands us to follow his example, but he also promises to send us an advocate, the Holy Spirit, to help us on our way. Therefore, visionary leaders must be both practical and prophetic.