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In the following essay I will examine the different positions that can ba taken on this topic and try ro form my own view on the affect violent TV has on chidren.

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This is a very interesting topic! As an avid TV fan, I totally understand the familiarity with violence, yet I do not consider myself a violent person at all. think this overexposure to acts of violence on television makes a person less shocked or outraged by it. I am used to watching shows like American Horror Story that depict scary, horrifying, and violent situations, yet people like my parents, who traditionally do not watch these kinds of shows, are completely turned off by the idea. However, you could definitely look at this situation from another point of view and understand that the television you watch doesn't always influence your personality. For example, does watching a lot of comedies make you a funnier person? I think some people might say yes, but it depends a lot on the personality of the person. Trying to deliver the same kinds of jokes as people on TV do only works if you are already funny. TV shows cannot really teach you how to be funny. In the same respect, can violent TV shows teach you how to be violent? Personally, I could never see myself doing half the things I see on television, so I think a part of your being has to already have certain capabilities that are enhanced by the television you watch in order for it to have a real influence on your personality.

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There has been a lot of talk about this in society. NOt just with tv shows and movies but also with video games. Games such as grand theft auto which allow you to run around and shoot people are seen by many as a bad thing which should not have a place in society. However when this topic was approached by the supreme court they did not have enough or really any scientific evidence to make laws prohibiting this. Ithink that a big thing that you need to look at when dealing with this is your surrounding when playing these games. I always did as a child and i think i have turned out fine. These games did not make me any more of a violent individual. It would be interesting if scientists did a variety of tests regarding video games. One thing that i don't think many look at is how parents react to their children playing these games. Do they embrace the childs decision, disagree with the choice, or a mix of the two? I think that if parents talked to their children about these games and explained how many of the things seen in them is wrong then maybe there would be less negative affects than there already is. There could be a correlation between the parents and childs here and not just with the child and the video game. I also think it is interesting how violent acts affect us more when we are younger. When we are younger we are still developing our minds, values, and body. If violent acts are instilled at a young age to children without parent supervision then there could be greater problems seen with the child.


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Children also experience other negative effects from viewing these violent cartoons such as, increased anxiety, antisocial behaviors, and nightmares containing TV characters (Chandler).

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