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The novel was written by Upton Sinclair, who went into the Chicago stockyards to investigate what life was like for the people who worked there.

-His parents were Upton Beall Sinclair and Priscilla Harden.

This is the bases for Upton Sinclair's book, The Jungle....

He was the son of Upton Beall Sinclair and Priscilla Harden, being born in Baltimore, Maryland.
While Upton Sinclair originally intended to appeal to the public’s heart concerning the conditions and the treatment of workers, it was obvious that the book had more of an impact on the meat industry.

Upton Beall Sinclair began writing when he was 15 years old.

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Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle portrays life through the eyes of a poor workingman struggling to survive in this cruel, tumultuous environment, where the desire for profit among the capitalist meatpacking bosses and the criminals makes the lives of the working class a nearly unendurable struggle for survival....


He was the only child of Upton Beall Sinclair and Priscilla Harden

Upton Sinclair was an activist writer whose works, including 'The Jungle' and 'Boston,' often uncovered social injustices.
After his defeat Upton Sinclair launched a new and highly successful writingcareer. In 1940, at the age of 62, he published . Hisnovel (1942), about Hitler's rise to power, wonthe 1943 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

“The Jungle,” was written by Upton Sinclair, a 27 year old author from Baltimore under a $500 advance from a socialist newspaper.
The items listed here are from the library of Upton Sinclair. This collection consists of articles written by Upton Sinclair between the years 1905 and 1929, published in various magazines, newspapers, and journals. Items in this collection are those that are less than 4 pages long; lengthier materials from the Sinclair library have been individually cataloged. Items are listed in chronological order. "Gottesman" numbers refer to entries in: Upton Sinclair : an annotated checklist / by Ronald Gottesman. [Kent, Ohio] : Kent State University Press, c1973.

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After leaving Columbia, he wrote four unsuccessful, though critically well-received books, King Midas (1901), Prince Hagen (1902), The Journal of Arthur Stirling (1903) and a Civil War novel entitled Manassas (1904).
Upton's Later Life and Significance
-In 1904, Sinclair spent seven weeks working undercover, in disguise, in Chicago's meatpacking plants to research his political fiction exposé,
The Jungle

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In The Jungle, Upton Sinclair pushes for Socialism by showing Jurgis’ struggle to find work, the hardships of the packingtown workers, and the inequality of all men in this capitalistic society....

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California, popularly known as the land of milk and honey before theDepression struck, was suffering just as much misery as the rest of theAmerican nation by 1934. That year, Socialist-turned-Democrat UptonSinclair entered California's governor's race as the Democraticcandidate for governor of California on his famous EPIC (End Poverty inCalifornia) program. A plan to end poverty in the state; against himwas a powerful group of Republicans, old-line Democrats, Hollywoodstudios, and ad agencies. In September, prominent Republicans met inLos Angeles to raise money for Sinclair's defeat. His proposed program,called EPIC — End Poverty In California — called for the state toturn over idle farms and factories to the unemployed in a system ofcooperatives based on "production for use" instead of "production forprofit.

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Unsurprisingly, but famous American writer Upton Sinclair understood the principle of language power better than anyone else in the dawn of 19th century....