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The play-of-colour in precious opal is produced by tiny, uniformly sized and arranged silica spheres.

In 1869, it became the first natural pigment to …

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The EVEREST Bin line offers greater roof peak loading capacities – up to 130,000 pounds (59,000 kg) with a uniformly-distributed pure vertical load depending on bin diameter and model. This load capacity is based on 30 pounds per square foot (146 kg per square meter) ground snow load.

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Opal Play-of-colour. The play-of-colour in precious opals may exhibit every prismatic colour from violet to red. It is produced by the diffraction of white light at the spaces between tiny, uniformly sized silica spheres that are arranged in an orderly, three-dimensional array.
In reality, it may be too overwhelming to develop a website architecture that will work on all systems uniformly and flawlessly, the technology is evolving but not perfect.


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We describe a computational approach to sequential resonance assignment in solid state NMR studies of uniformly 15 N, 13 C-labeled proteins with magic-angle spinning.
In formed thermoplastics mica promotes uniform cell structure, persuming acting as a nucleating agent, lower its density, reduce cost, add low temperature impact resistance and reduce flammability.

It has low specific gravity (2.85) and as such mica particles tend not to settle but stay uniformly dispersed and wetting out andf is completely soluble in water.

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A new peak support connection is also available. Brock’s unique Brock-LeMar EVERLOC® Connection efficiently and uniformly connects the bins with LeMar® Catwalk And Tower Support Systems. This new system provides pre-engineered connection points for LeMar's products and are appropriate for the uniform weight distribution of roof-top equipment on the roof structure. The system also saves time and labor during installation by eliminating the traditional practice of cutting and resealing holes in the bin roof in order to install equipment at the roof peak.