• - It would be parent/subsidiary relationship.
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should have a relationship such as parent, branch, subsidiary oraffiliate, and the U.S.

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creating a Headquarters/Branch or Parent/Subsidiary relationship.

Understanding The Buy American understanding the parent subsidiary relationship Act
Although the data given to us has several snippets corresponding to each parent-subsidy pair, only some of the snippets reveal actual parent-subsidiary relationship. Therefore we felt that concatenating the snippets corresponding to each pair into one single article and then training can give the model more information about which text snippet actually reveals the parent-subsidy relationship. (Please check Data preparation step 1 for more info.). Therefore from 79383 rows of relationship in the training data we end up in 952 rows of relationship.

of control exercised in a parent-subsidiary relationship.

The GAO held that the parent-subsidiary relationship alone was not enough ..
It is possible to trace this relationship the other way, as well. Citigroup Inc.’s 2008 annual report shows, in addition to the actual 10-K form, more documents, called exhibits. One of those exhibits is titled “Subsidiaries of the company.” In this case, the list includes 65 pages of subsidiaries and their state or country of incorporation, including The Student Loan Corp. Sometimes the list of subsidiaries is not clearly labeled in the file name, so it might have to be found among the unlabeled exhibits.


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subsidiary is made based on the relationship between the parent company ..
In dealing on behalf of a client with a person who is not represented by counsel,a lawyer shall not state or imply that the lawyer is disinterested. When the lawyerknows or reasonably should know that the unrepresented person misunderstands thelawyer’s role in the matter, the lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to correct themisunderstanding. The lawyer shall not give legal advice to an unrepresented person,other than the advice to secure counsel, if the lawyer knows or reasonably shouldknow that the interests of such a person are or have a reasonable possibility of beingin conflict with the interests of the client.

The GAO held that the parent-subsidiary relationship alone was not enough evidence to ..
However, there can be an arrangement between the lender andborrower companies as part of financing under which the lender maynominate all or majority of directors with or without a specificprovision in the Articles for the purpose of ensuring properutilization of funds. This is possibly one of the reasons whysection 4 provides for Board control as a means of creating Holding& Subsidiary company relationship. The immediate effect of suchan arrangement is that lending company becomes a Holding company byvirtue of section 4 of the Act.

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The manner of securing Board control is not envisaged as it is amatter relating to business practice. However, this is possible ifthe Articles of Subsidiary company specifically provide for a powerto the other company to nominate all or majority of directors onthe board of first mentioned company. The moot question is, can theArticles provide for such a provision if the other company does nothold all or majority of shares.

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The High Court also observed that "there is no denyingthe fact that the right of the members of a public company toappoint directors of their choice at a general meeting is greatlyabridged when there comes into being a relationship of a Holdingand Subsidiary Company. But this restriction inheres in thedefinition of the Holding Company. It is firmly embedded in section4 of the Act. The ability to control the conduct of the Subsidiaryis the hall-mark of the Holding Company. The Holding Company is thecontrolling company. The controlled company is called aSubsidiary."

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Another form of security is a guarantee of one corporation’s bonds by a separate corporation For example, bonds issued by a subsidiary may be guaranteed by its parent corporation Or bonds issued by a joint venture between two companies may be guaranteed by both parent corporations. Guaranteed bonds become, in effect, debentures of the guaranteeing corporation, and benefit from its presumably better credit.


"Department views";- The Department has issued acircular 14< dated="" 28-8-1974="" to="" the="" effect="" that="" the="" articles="" of="" acompany="" which="" confer="" upon="" another="" company="" the="" right="" to="" makeprovisions="" for="" appointment="" of="" director="" upon="" another="" company="" with="" aview="" to="" make="" the="" company="" a="" subsidiary="" is="" invalid="" under="" section="" 9="" ofthe="" companies="" act.="" on="" a="" combined="" reading="" of="" the="" provisions="" ofsections="" 255,="" 256="" and="" 257="" and="" because="" section="" 257="" is="" a="" mandatoryprovision,="" this="" view="" does="" not="" seem="" to="" be="" well="" founded.="" theappointments="" made="" pursuant="" to="" an="" arrangement="" whether="" by="" thearticles="" or="" by="" an="" agreement="" is="" not="" invalid="" merely="" because="" anyshareholder="" may="" seek="" election="" at="" an="" annual="" general="" meeting.="" section257="" only="" deals="" with="" the="" right="" of="" a="" person="" other="" than="" a="" retiringdirector="" to="" stand="" for="" election="" at="" the="" annual="" general="" meeting.="" theagreement="" or="" article="" of="" a="" company,="" in="" so="" far="" as="" it="" or="" they="" invest="" acompany="" with="" the="" status="" of="" holding="" company="" in="" relation="" to="" thecompany="" of="" which="" the="" board="" is="" controlled="" cannot="" be="" said="" to="" beinconsistent="" with="" section="" 257="" which="" comes="" into="" operation="" only="" whenelections="" are="" to="" be="" held="" at="" the="" annual="" general="">