• "What is the meaning of life?" is not the question.
  • Your life is a series of choices.
  • Your life is a series of opportunities.

It is because the estimation of the value of art (that is, the feeling it transmits) depends on man's perception of the meaning of life.

Your life is a series of decisions.

Your life is a series of actions.

The meaning of lifeOn this peppercorn floating in space there are about 7 billion of us right now.
Your meeting with your friend would be “just a coincidence” if it had no meaning whatsoever for you: you saw nothing special in bumping into him and made nothing of it.

You control your life, and its meaning, with your daily actions.

The question is "what is the meaning of my life?" That is the question that matters.
‘When you have found yourself you can have knowledge. Until then you can only have opinions. Opinions are based on habit and what you conceive to be convenient to you. The study of the Interior Life requires self-encounter along the way. You have not met yourself yet. The only advantage of meeting others in the meantime is that one of them may present you to yourself. Before you do that, you will possibly imagine that you have met yourself many times. But the truth is that when you do meet yourself, you come into a permanent endowment and bequest of knowledge that is like no other experience on earth.’ ~TARIQAVI


What is the meaning of your life?

It can change your life forever or it can glance off you, leaving barely a trace of memory.
Perhaps you were thinking of him just the day before, for the first time in years: Your thoughts would be the inner event, the meeting the outer event, and the meaning might be in the wonder you feel at how things are connected.

In answering that question you give your life meaning.
Is the reality we know a reality imposed to us by nature? Is the reality and the meaning of life a creation of men, such as music, or love or colors (science tells us that there isn't such things as music, harmony or colors in the physic world. Just traveling molecules: «There is not, external to us, hot or cold, but only different velocities of molecules; there aren’t sounds, callings, harmonies, but just variations in the pressure of the air; there aren’t colours, or light, just electro-magnetic waves», said H. Von Foerster.).

O Life!", Don't believe the world owes you a living.

In the old covenant there was much reference to blessings and curses (cf. Deut. 28), but they were but typological indicators that Jesus Christ would take upon Himself the curses and become to us all the blessings of God. Peter explains that "God raised up His Son and sent Him to bless" us (Acts 3:26), and that because Jesus is the seed of Abraham, "by whom all the families of the earth are blessed" (Acts 3:25; Gal. 3:14). "God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (Eph. 1:3). We have "the fullness of the blessing of Christ" (Rom. 15:29). The resurrection-life of Jesus Christ is God's "good word" (eu-logia), blessing and God's activity in us.

Would it make life more meaningful?

Philosophy and religion also do this, but art appeals to the senses and is nearer to Nature and to our sensitive and emotional life.

Art is the primary bond of mediation between the external world of the senses and the medium of pure thought and understanding.

You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Jesus is the Savior! Jesus is salvation! Jesus is "the source of eternal salvation" (Heb. 5:9). There is "salvation in no other name" (Acts 4:12). The "salvation of God" is made available to all men in Christ (Luke 3:6; Acts 28:28). "For by grace are we saved through faith" (Eph. 2:5,8). The salvation which is in Christ (II Tim. 2:10) is revealed only by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Salvation is the process whereby the Savior makes us safe from spiritual abuse, misuse and dysfunction in order to function as intended by the resurrection-life of Jesus Christ. Salvation must never be disconnected from the on-going work of the Savior, from the "saving life of Christ" (Rom. 5:10).

~Dodinsky, Life may have no meaning.

Is there any significance for life in a Universe of billions of stars that ignore us? Is there any significance for life in an Universe whose dimensions and nature overcome our understanding?