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Of all the people talked to aboutthese places over the years, no one ever says that they themselves haveseen anything.

After trying to restart the carshe got out to look under the hood.

Strange sounds canbe heard coming out of the mineshaft late at night.

Whateverdwells outside this cemetery is neither human nor animal but somethingfrom a dark place.
A Grandmother tells the story of many years ago as a girl, shehad snuck out of her house to see her boy friend in the middel of thenight and walking past the school she saw a ghostly arm coming out ofone of the windows.

Some people have heard scratching comingout of a janitors closet.

Stonebridgeis located outside of Branson West, Missouri down Shepard of the HillsExpressway.
And for the extremely brave, if you decide to get out of you caryou will see a decapitated man in the ditch searching for his head,many people have saw this (including myself).


Tricking out an old 'Mog for a new life of world travel

There are several stories about it, one wasa miner with a lantern searching for his family.
Above all, DO NOTTRESPASS, don't jump fences for ANY reason, some of the people wholive out there HATE the fans of the spooklight aside from the regularswho they know aren't going to cause any trouble.

A little boy is said to come out atnight sometimes and salute the helicopter then disappear.
The Cuban people have become masters at making things work, because they had no other option. In the case of old cars, they have mastered the art of substituting different engines and making new parts out of whatever they can find.

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The backstory on the situation is pretty simple. When Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries came to power in January of 1959, American business interests fled the Communist takeover. Shortly afterward, Washington imposed a trade embargo on Cuba that continues to this day. Some things have loosened up since we’ve re-established diplomatic relations, but that’s mostly about food and medicine, not cars and parts. So the Chevys, Buicks, Fords, and Cadillacs that were on the streets in the winter of ’59 were never replaced with newer models, and the Cubans have had no choice but to keep the old cars running.

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There’s an old story about a carpenter who had a favorite hammer. The story goes that he loved his hammer so much that over the years he replaced the handle four times, and replaced the head twice. The story of Cuba’s famous classic cars is much the same — it’s a miracle that there’s anything left of the originals at all.

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In America, only a few select cars gain classic status — and that’s after most of them find their way to the junkyard or the crusher. We throw away our old cars when the cost of maintaining them exceeds the cost of a newer car. But if there are no new cars, you will find out just how long you can keep your faithful old car running – if you can learn to keep it on the road.

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Another place would be the Haunted Stop sign, said to have been theplace of death for a young girl who had gotten in a argument with herboyfriend and was told to get out of the car and walk home, but as shecrossed the street was struck by an oncoming truck and killed.