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All the King's Men is a novel by Robert Penn Warren first published in 1946
Robert Penn Warren's Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece gives us politics from an insider's view. Jack Burden, ace historian and thorough "student of history," breaks down the seamy side of southern politics, while chronicling the rise and fall of Willie Stark. Over the course of the novel, Willie goes from being "cousin Willie with the Christmas tie," to being the most powerful man in the state. As a result of Jack's relationship with Willie, he also ends up discovering some dirty politics. Whatever you think of the different political tricks and maneuvers found in , by the end, you will definitely have learned a thing or two about politics.

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But here the French seemed to have sufficient numbers to deal witheven this threat, and they refused to allow Henry pass, angered by theEnglish seizure of the cities.Morale in the English line as they looked upon the overwhelming forceof heavily armoured, highly skilled French knights must have been extremelylow.


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1599Although Shakespeare penned this work nearly two hundred years afterthe Battle of Agincourt (1415), it remains the finest dramatic interpretationof what leadership meant to the men in the Middle Ages.Prior to the Battle, Henry V had led his English footmen across NorthwesternFrance, seizing Calais and other cities in an attempt to win back holdsin France that had once been in English possession and to claim the Frenchcrown through the obscure but powerful Salig Law.The French, aware of Henry's troops weaking condition because oftheir distance from England and the attacks of Dystentary that had plaguedthe dwindling band, moved between King Henry and Calais, the port he neededto reach in order to return to England.

He perished of dysentery in 1422, but was survived by his son (Henry VI)and was buried at Westminster Abbey, close to the shrine of Edward theConfessor.Although the speech below is a work of fiction, it is evocative ofthe spirit with which Henry--and all strong medieval kings--ruled throughthe strength of their convictions and by force of their personality.

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