• HIT IT!Thelma and Louise against a bunch of guys?
  • and look how much good _that_ did him in the end.
  • Thelma and LouiseDrove off a cliff.

Ridley’s direction works to establish Louise and Thelma’s relationships to their surroundings as well as to each other with these preliminary shots.

Thelma and Louise have shown such patience with men in the past.

Thelma and Louise will go jumpingoff the first cliff they see.

Louise has the wheel of the Thunderbird convertible and Thelma, as always, is packing heat.
As you can imagine finding a friend in another good ol' boy (Dale Earnhart) and southern accent soundalike (Biner), the foursome gave up the million dollar cannonball run and settled for raiding the carribean with dear ol cap'n biner.

Thelma and Louise think they're the epitomy of womanhood?

The focus continues and the camera does not pull away as Louise shoots Harlan.
There's usually a brawl before the end of the race, and with one or two DeLuisesplashes from the top rope, there won't be anyone left for crawl overthe finish line.My prediction: Dom in the middle of a whole lotta gore...It comes down to a simple analogy:Poobah : Rest of Commentators :: Professional : AmateurYes, Speed Racer is a PROFESSIONAL racer which puts him in a completelydifferent league.


First of all, we have Thelma and Louise.

It's hard to win a race when you're busy converting allyour cash to the Prison Menthol Standard.Thelma and Louise: These two brian-donors drove off a cliff to evadethe cops.

It's hard to win a race if you're dead, or if you're starringin Thelma and Louise II: Group Shower-A-Go-Go.Speed Racer: Almost any reasonable route to San Diego will includehundreds of miles of highway in the Deep South.

Larry King Interviews the Family and Friends of the Late Johnny Cash.

JD is indirectly responsible for both Thelma and Louise assuming a ‘symbolic’ self however, in that he forces them to exert power to accomplish what they need to survive on the road.

“The Cliff” – Thelma and Louise – Film Analysis

McClure and Captain Chaos (57 - 4.8%)Thelma and Louise (40 - 3.4%)andDale Earnhardt (no voting)to eat their dustCurrent Match | Related & Similar MatchesHistory Section | Tell a friend about this matchVoter CommentsRESPONSE OF THE WEEK GRUDGIE ™The Flash is the fastest person ever.

It's a victory for Thelma and Louise, ..

This action also works to bring both Thelma and Louise together, borrowing from each other’s personalities until they become representative of almost the same person.

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As for Jake and Elwood, the power of the Blues Brothers will obviously be harnassed for the benefit of the Duke boys thanks to Jake and Elwood's willingness to serve God; the Blue Brothers will devote themselves to clearing the path before the Lord's chosen of Nazis and police cars, while singing choruses of "Rawhide" to appease the country-loving living symbols of God's power upon Earth.

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THELMA AND LOUISE: No less of a bad*** than Carrie Fisher-- the only woman in the galaxy with the cojones to boss around a Wookie-- came after the Blues Brothers with a staggering array of weaponry, from rocket launchers to automatic weapons to flamethrowers.