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Why 'feminism' was our 2017 Word of the Year, plus dotard, gaffe, syzygy, and 6 more of the top lookups in 2017.

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Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2017: 'Feminism'

5 Reasons The Word "Feminism" Is Empowering, Not Alienating
From 2003-2010, I edited “lad’s mag” loaded – undoubtedly British feminism’s nemesis – and as sales faltered, it was my job to relaunch the magazine on three occasions.

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They told her not to use the word “feminism
According to Langton (1993), pornography helps to bring about rape byperlocutionarily and illocutionarily silencing women. FollowingAustin, Langton distinguishes between locutionary, illocutionary, andperlocutionary acts. A locutionary act is, roughly, the act ofuttering words that have particular meanings; a perlocutionary act is,roughly, the act of uttering words that have a particular effect; andan illocutionary act is the act done in uttering the words. Consider,for example, Jennifer Saul’s utterance one day of the sentence‘I pledge my allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and all herheirs’. The locutionary act she performed was simply theutterance of a sentence with a particular meaning. This act had manyperlocutionary effects: it made it possible for her to get a Britishpassport, it made her feel slightly disturbed at having expressed suchmonarchist sentiments, and it made her wonder whether a republic,should it succeed the Queen, would count as an heir. The illocutionaryact she performed was that of becoming a British citizen.


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'Feminism' is Merriam-Webster's word of the year | …
Gendered metaphors have been used at many levels of discussion,including the most general. An important topic of feminist concern hasbeen the historical tendency to conceive of the scientific endeavourin gendered ways. A particularly clear example comes from FrancisBacon, discussed by both Evelyn Fox Keller and Genevieve Lloyd:

Merriam-Webster names "Feminism" its word of the year
Other objections to individualism do not depend upon contentiouspsychological claims about differences between women and men. Instead,they suggest that the real problem with individualism is its failureto appreciate the importance of the social. The social world is,naturally, an important area of concern when discussing politics andpower relations. Understanding how people come to dominate oneanother, and exactly how this domination functions, are importantprojects for feminists. Language is an important part of the socialworld, and understanding the roles that language plays incommunicating, manipulating, and controlling (to cite just a fewexamples) is surely vital to understanding the workings of power (see,for example, MacKinnon’s views on speech in MacKinnon 1993). So,many feminists suggest, a philosophy of language that is appropriateto understanding communicative interactions in the social world couldbe a valuable tool for feminists. However, they insist that theindividualism of philosophy of language (as it is now) prevents itfrom serving this function (Hornsby 2000).

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Moreover, feminist work on language has also indicated that there maybe problems which are simply not amenable to piecemeal linguisticreforms. Some difficulties that have been raised go well beyond ahandful of problematic terms or gaps. Deborah Cameron offers strikingexamples of writing that take males as the norm without using anyparticular terms to which one might object, such as the following,from The Sunday Times:

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Problems like those we have seen so far are relatively easy todiscern. Moreover, it may seem that they would be relatively easy tocorrect—new terms can be invented, or alternative words can beused. Much feminist effort has been devoted to this endeavour, and ahuge variety of reforms have been proposed (see, for example, Millerand Swift 1976, 1980, and the papers in part two of Cameron1998a).

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Languages may also lack words for things that matter a great deal towomen. This sort of gap is another way that a language can be seen asencoding a male worldview. The term ‘sexual harassment’,for example, is a recent feminist innovation. Women’s discussionof their experiences led them to see a certain common element to manyof their problems, and as a result they invented the term‘sexual harassment’. Once the problem was named, it becamemuch easier to fight sexual harassment, both legally and by educatingpeople about it (Farley 1978; Spender 1985).

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“And like Suffragettes, the word gets boxed and avoided. But if we happily want to believe that equality for women is the job of the 21st century, then I think all men should be feminists.