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Hope you’ve had success on your project. Regarding dispersal of the particles, you could try using a surfactant and dispersing in water, or rapidly mixing the particles into some sort of organic solvent which won’t be wicked into the hydrophobic pore network.

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Beacon of Hope exists as God’s hand reaching out to the broken and hurting by providing, at no cost, emotional and spiritual assistance.


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• Beacon of Hope exists as God’s hand reaching out to the broken and hurting by providing, at no cost, physical, emotional and spiritual assistance.

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Kyle Thompson serves as Executive Director of Beacon of Hope Ministries. He grew up in the Nazarene Church and holds a BS degree from Olivet Nazarene University. Kyle felt the call to go into counseling after working in the business world for many years. He answered that call and completed his MA from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary at Cornerstone University.

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February 2001, a small church started a food pantry to serve the physical hunger needs of people within the community. But, as time went on it was realized that there was an incredible need for emotional and spiritual help as well. As a result, Beacon of Hope was formed with the specific desire to not only feed the flesh but also the spirit. As Beacon of Hope emerged, it became evident that although the needs were great, many could not afford services that would meet their need, especially services centered on Scripture.

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Our amateur group of modellers are venturing into High Altitude Balloon flights with recoverable payloads. When the balloon bursts and the payload falls back to earth, we don’t want to have to chase the payload for hundreds of miles across the country-side. Using a radio beacon, we want to glide the payload back to the field where we are parked.

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It is because of this unique gift given to us by our Savior, Jesus Christ, that Beacon of Hope does not charge for their services. We have freely received from God so that we may freely give back (Matthew 10:8b). All of our counseling services are provided by Master level trained and State licensed therapists. At no time do we charge our clients for the services they receive. We fully rely on God and trust that He will provide for the needs of our clients as well as the needs of Beacon of Hope.

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user friendly) since the invent of the Digital Beacon which, basically, pinpoints the buried victim and allows the searcher to proceed straight ahead to the spot without conducting time-consuming and harder to learn grid searches.