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National water-use data are reported by source (surface water or groundwater, fresh and saline, and total), and category for the United States as a whole. The water-use data presented here are the current best estimates, and may have been revised from previous publications.

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When rain falls to the ground, the water does not stop moving. Some of it flows along the land surface to streams or lakes, some is used by plants, some evaporates and returns to the atmosphere, and some seeps into the ground. Water seeps into the ground much like a glass of water poured onto a pile of sand.


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Groundwater Supply System - New York City

The three largest categories were thermoelectric power, irrigation, and public supply, cumulatively accounting for 90 percent of the national total.

Total Water Use in the United States, 2010 - USGS

Data collection varied between the different compilations. Pre-1995 datasets have more data available than 2000 and later. A is available that provides for a conceptual picture of the changes in water-use categories between compilations. The details of a water-use category sometimes changed between compilations. For example, for 1985-1995, thermoelectric power withdrawal data was grouped by fuel type, but for 2000-2010, thermoelectric power data was grouped by the cooling method (once-through or closed-loop).

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In these bar graphs the States are ordered geographically from west to east. (Click the image for a larger view.) The magnitude of the withdrawals cannot be compared here as the scales of the graphs are not the same, but the different geographic distributions of categories of water use can be examined.