• The theme of sea was directly related to him ..
  • Provincialism was a second concern.
  • Cardiff to Catalonia!: Pirates and provincialism

Her choice of words and tone are very important to the theme of the poem.

Girl From Texas: Provincialism in the Purest Sense of …

Clausewitz returns again and again to this theme of the ..

that he penned A Letter to His Countrymen which was a bitter attack on American Provincialism
While a faculty member at Louisiana State University, Warren was also instrumental infounding the . Its title was, as its editors said, an expression oftheir "regional and sectional piety." The magazine quickly became one of theforemost literary and cultural quarterlies in the nation, and eventually it had a list ofcontributors and a circulation that belied any charge of provincialism. It did not,however, survive the urgencies and economies of World War II. After its suspension by theuniversity administration in 1942, Warren left the South to take up a position at theUniversity of Minnesota in Minneapolis as director of creative writing.

Michael Levey, "Provincialism": Kenneth Clark - PhilPapers

Warren's ten novels are unified in both locale and theme. They are works about theSouth and southerners and, while aspiring to transcend their time and place, arenonetheless marked by a southern particularity that is deliberate, insistent, andunmistakable. They fall into two groups: the first group is historical and evokes a lostworld recaptured through the imaginative use of documentary evidence; the second group iscontemporary and constitutes a history of Warren's own times.


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Provincialism remained in Bradford, firstly because the railway went to Leeds and not to Bradford and therefore the city didn’t get much new trade, such as any other manufacturing and/or greater educational oppor...