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In order to compare Canadian and American welfare, the following American programs *must* be included: * TANF welfare *

America’s welfare state is not ..

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Provincial-territorial social assistance (welfare) programs are all needs-tested.
The 2008 Vizsla Health Survey was sponsored and funded by the Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation, Inc. The purpose of this health survey was to inform scientific research that to help us identify and better understand the health issues present in the Vizsla breed today. This was an anonymous survey, and all data collected was kept confidential.

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Includes information about cost-sharing of welfare costs under the Canada Assistance Plan.
The gain, however, is a comparison of which provinces have experienced the largest changes in social assistance among their population, and which had the highest and lowest rates of welfare use in 2003."


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They illustrate both the positive results of welfare reform-more ex-recipients are working; and the remaining questions-How do we move recipients who are not working into jobs so they can establish stable support systems for their families?"
(August 1999 article)
- links to summaries for 21 states
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While these studies do not provide the basis for any general conclusions about the success of reforms, they provide us with the first set of data regarding the effects of welfare reform.

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The CCPI submission includes information on welfare case law in a number of jurisdictions that you definitely won't find elsewhere - dealing with the right to social assistance, adequacy of social assistance benefits, provincial contravention of national "standards" under CAP, sections 7 and 15 of the Charter of Rights, etc.
The case law information was prepared by Vincent Calderhead, Solicitor for the Charter Committee on Poverty Issues, in November, 1998.
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A second refusal within the year would result in monthly benefit cuts up to $300 ($150 for a lone-parent family).
*Check the (English) page on the website of the Ministère de l'Emploi, de la Solidarité sociale et de la Famille for current welfare rules.

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A non-participant was still required to satisfy job-search requirements, notably by not refusing a job (or abandoning one without just cause) under penalty (stipulated in Regulation) of a reduction in monthly welfare benefits of $100 or $150 (depending on the situation of the household) for a year.

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In this stream, welfare recipients can be required to work from 17 to 70 hours per month in a not-for-profit or public sector workplace approved under the program in order to receive their basic welfare benefit.

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In Ontario, despite the rhetoric of the former Conservative Government (which had promised in the 1995 election campaign to eliminate the two-tier welfare system), income assistance is still a two-tier affair to some extent --- the province still delivers the assistance program for people with disabilities, the Ontario Disability Supports Program (ODSP), and municipalities are still responsible for the delivery and a portion of the cost of Ontario Works (welfare for people with no disabilities).