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The posters were used by pickets outside the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences during screenings of "Hurricane" in 2000.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter: The Other Side of the Story

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Well, this year, the Central American country formerly a British colony, was hit again as came a calling this week with its 140 mph winds as it became the most powerful Atlantic hurricane of the 2001 Season to date.

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From Sunday night, October 7th, 2001, when Iris just had winds of 90 mph toits landfall in Belize at around 11 PM EDT on Monday night, October 8th,Hurricane Iris developed into such a monster that it registered as thestrongest hurricane of the 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season. A few hoursearlier, the hurricane's winds had reached 145 mph despite the hurricaneforce winds only stretching some 15 miles out from the center of the smalltropical system.


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As propaganda for the deification of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the movie succeeds brilliantly, but as an honest portrayal of the events surrounding the murders, it is a miserable failure. Instead of being considered for an Oscar, Mr. Jewison deserves "The Oliver Stone Distortion of History Award."

Prior to making landfall in South Florida, Andrew had sustained winds of 145 mph in its , and wind gusts of approximately 175 miles per hour, which made it a Category Four Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Andrew's central pressure, the pressure measured in the of the storm, was the third lowest of any hurricane to make landfall in the United States with 922 mb, or 27.22 inches of Hg.

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One positive thing that emerged out of this was the fact that Andrew raised tremendous awareness about hurricanes, and forced many Floridians to take precautions well before a storm made a bid for the coast. Not to say that Florida's preparedness wasn't good. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the combined efforts of emergency management personnel as well as good hurricane preparedness and evacuation programs, there might have been an even greater loss of life.

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South Florida continues to improve their preparedness standards by revised building codes that were a glaring problem in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. The building code standards in South Florida are now the toughest in the nation.

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It was late August, well into the hurricane season, before the fleet arrived in Havana. As a military escort, the Atocha carried an entire company of 82 infantrymen to defend the vessel from attack and possible enemy boarding.

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"Rubin was a kind of schoolboy Mount Vesuvius -- his early history is dotted with minor thefts, street fighting and school incorrigibility -- before he erupted with a vengeance at the age of 11 and was sent to Jamesburg reformatory for atrocious assault.