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Would it have been reasonable toconduct a strip search if it was believed that the student had providedcocaine to another student?

Can a student be searched at school and have their property taken

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O.,the Court found that standard met. In , however,the Court found that Arizona school officials went too far instrip-searching a 13-year-old student who they believed might haveprovided ibuprofen to another student. Given the intrusiveness ofthe search and the relatively low threat posed, the search wasunreasonable and a violation of the Fourth Amendment, according toeight members of the Court. Justice Thomas dissented.

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The situations in which school officials can conduct ..

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WRIGHT: Once you had reason to suspect a studentis possessing any contraband that poses a health and safety risk, thensearching any place where that contraband may reasonably be found isconstitutional, and --
JUSTICE SCALIA: Any contraband, like the black marker pencil that --that astounded me.

the Supreme Court attempted to clarify the scope of legal searches ..

O. addresses the issue of whether asearchby a school official is a "search" at all for Fourth Amendmentpurposes. It also considers whether the standard of probable cause that appliesinthe cases of criminal standards should be modified to reflect thespecialcircumstances of public education and the relationship between schoolofficialsand students. The Court concludes that searches by schoolofficials are governed by the Fourth Amendment, but adopts a lowerstandard for searches than it applies in the criminal context. Specifically, the Court only requires officials to have something likea moderate chance of finding evidence of wrongdoing. In T.

Student searches and the Fourth Amendment

Brennan, Jr., who served for many years as a member the New Jersey and United StatesSupreme Courts. Justice Brennan was a tireless and eloquent advocate of individualrights, and spoke on many occasions of a school teacher's task to imbue students with anunderstanding our system of constitutional democracy.