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That has frustrated the many entrepreneurs in the city champing at the bit to get their drone businesses off the ground here.

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The difficulties of working in New York have partly to do with the strictness of the rules that govern drone use in crowded areas, but also with how they’re interpreted. Citing FAA regulations and public-safety concerns, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, which oversees film shoots on public property, has ruled out issuing permits for drones.

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A troubled young woman is sent to live with her grandmother for the summer, while hiding a secret that could potentially tear her family apart.
In a show of the confusion that typically surrounds commercial drone regulation, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment referred questions about city policy to the Office of Emergency Management—which said that it had no position on drones.


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The Golden Rule (which can be considered a law of reciprocity in some religions) is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.
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Korea under Japanese rule began with the end of the short-lived Korean Empire in 1910 and ended at the conclusion of World War II in 1945
Despite the huge demand for footage that only drones and their cameras can provide—for film and TV, real estate marketing and other uses—commercial drone flights are almost impossible to conduct legally in New York because of strict rules against flying in dense urban areas and near airports.

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“There have been so many TV shows that want to film in New York that we’ve just had to say no to,” said Aerobo co-founder and Chief Executive Brian Streem, adding that he keeps a ledger of the work the company has lost owing to regulations. He uses it to show investors how much potential there is for aerial shoots in the city.

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But perhaps the most pressing aspect of all for entrepreneurs and investors is the opportunity for a wide range of commercial uses for small unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, which are drones weighing less than 55 pounds. That market could explode if the Federal Aviation Administration lights the fuse.

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The federal agency is in the midst of finalizing rules for commercial drone operations that could make the remote-piloted, increasingly sophisticated flying machines a routine part of business. But those rules also have to guarantee the safety of the world’s busiest airspace while reassuring a public worried about the threats drones pose to privacy and the possibility that they could be used in terrorist attacks.

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In the early 500s BC a new way of government was invented in . It was "" or "'rule by the people". Not everyone had a vote though. Only a male had a say in how the city was run. There were about 30,000 citizens. The ruling Council had 500 members, all men, and chosen for a year at a time. Women could not be citizens, nor could or foreigners.

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The opportunities and concerns may be nowhere more in evidence than in New York. Aerial cinematographers want a place in the city’s $9 billion TV and movie production business. The real estate industry, which has a long history of using drone photography from the development to the marketing stages, would be another major sector. There are also new uses such as bridge and building inspections and emergency services.