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What does Renaissance mean?Donatello's Mary Magdalene is an embodiment of humanism.

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This painting relates to humanism because on of the main idea of …

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How Humanism effected Renaissance art
This painting relates to humanism because on of the main idea of humanism was to focus on human interests, and this painting is focusing on a wedding which is in interest of both people.

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He reinvigorated the classical idea that the nude human body is a sufficient vehicle for the expression of all emotions which a painter can depict, a notion that had an enormous influence on the subsequent development of - and on art as a whole.


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When student readers approachRenaissance literary works, they may experience certain concepts(the doctrine of "correspondences," for instance), as a bitstrange. Yet they are also likely to sense some very modern thingsin the works written in this remarkable age. And among its manywonders, they will also be experiencing the revival of great drama,as it underwent a "rebirth" in the Renaissance, embodied most fullyin the works of our greatest English writer, .

Renaissance: Renaissance, period in Europe following the Middle Ages and characterized by revived interest in Classical learning and values.
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Introduction to the Renaissance

Human statues were shown in a superficial way, beauty and body.
Donatello's Mary Magdalene
Michelangelo's David Statue
Humanism was evident in multiple paintings of the Renaissance time period.

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Humanism became a central motif for painters and sculptors, it led to the "rebirth" of the classical style.
The subjects of paintings and sculptures were aimed more towards human based ideals.

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Humanism was a way of thinking that was popular in the fifteenth century and influenced much of Italian culture. Humanists considered the individual to have great potential, and they thought that individuals reached their greatest achievement in ancient Greece and Rome. Because of this, humanists wanted to recapture the greatness of antiquity and so they were at the forefront of trying to emulate the activities, art, and engineering of the classical world. Many artists and architects, who may have been influenced by humanism or were hired by humanist patrons, borrowed ideas from ancient texts, from unearthed statues, or from old Roman buildings when they created new works.

its meaning and boundaries have aroused much controversy

Other ideals and values thatwererepresented in the literature were even more significant. It wasthe intellectual movement known as Humanism that may have expressedmost fully the values of the Renaissance and made a lastingcontribution to our own culture.

From the 1340s the idea of “rebirth” was a commonplace… Read More.

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