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Puritanism may be defined primarily by the intensity of the religious experience that it fostered

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It's clear that the ever expanding sphere of Big Government in our society is absolutely contrary to the limited role envisioned by our founders. When it involves , it is antithetical to the faith-based upbringing that can be provided by a traditional family with the support of an extended family. It is antithetical to the upbringing given to Americans for most of our history. Again, there is no need for state-influenced early preschool or preschool when the traditional family, extended family and local community is there as a support network for all sorts of purposes, including education of the children at an early age. The bigger the role of government, the more parental rights are violated and nullified. "" without notifying the parents at all. On Aug. 31, 2011, the California legislature enacted a law that allows "a minor who is 12 years of age or older [to] ." What does a 12 year old know about the adverse effects of vaccines? And what does this new "power" given to 12 year-olds do to their respect for the authority of their own parents? The vaccine makers make billions selling mandated vaccines, have no liability for their harmful effects, all while government intrustion into private medical decisionmaking accelerates at an exponential rate.

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In my essay, “Dialects in American Literature,” I will compare and contrast three writers who used dialect in their writings and explain the difference between effective and ineffective use of dialect.


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The portrayal of women in American Literature is often influenced by an author's personal experience or a frequent societal stereotype of women and their position.

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like Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse were influential in transforming our society, from the university, to the students, to the culture at large. Their writings were widely read, assimilated and had tremendous impact on American culture. And part of those changes is the transformation of traditional male and female roles. Our culture no longer reinforces the traditional type of hero who demonstrates strong, "macho" decisiveness. The culture encourages "consensus" as a means of finding a solution, rather than an individual affirming his idea of what is absolutely "right" and what is absolutely "wrong."

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Transcendentalism was an American literature movement urging people to look past everyday material life, and reach into their souls to find inner peace with themselves....

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The spirit of loyalty and patriotism were alive and thriving in the air and in everyone's hearts, and the literature of that time greatly reflects the influence that this surge of patriotism brought upon the American peoples....

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Throughout American Literature, religious ideologies and philosophies influenced the way that writers portrayed the time period, characters, feelings, and God.

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(That sort of religious tolerance comes about in American culture largely as a result of the fashionable among intellectuals in the eighteenth century during the writing of the Constitution.) In its negative sense, the word Puritan often evokes the idea of dour, grim, religious conformity, since Puritans stereotypically wore only black and white; they frowned upon drinking, dancing, and displays of sexuality; burned aging misfits as witches; censored literature, and closed Shakespeare's playhouses in England because of acting's "immorality." These tendencies have led to H.