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As with traditional commerce, there are four principal categories of e-commerce: B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C.

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How do you build a B2B E-Commerce RFP

E-commerce offers customers the chance to eliminate many stages in the sales/distribution chain.
When the customer has browsed through your e-commerce website and decided that they would like to buy, there has to be a process that accepts their order.

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Documentation includes all records of the process, pre build templates makes it easy
Cross border taxation risks of international enterprise incorporates two basic themes, one of which is the interpretation of the United States Commerce Clause and the Due Process distinction from jurisdictional analysis. It is one of the two basic aspects that govern the authority of a source and resident country or state to tax international commerce.


There are several integral components of an e-commerce business

It is extremely important for you to familiarize yourself with the terms of your contract with your credit card processor.
Utilizing this dormant premise of the Commerce Clause, the Supreme Court of Iowa has upheld the imposition of a state income tax upon a foreign corporation that had no tangible physical presence and derived its income from the use of the corporation’s intangible property within the state. (15)

The problem with most e-commerce marketing strategy today is that companies don't understand how they use things like web analytics.
Complete and secure data management for all. The central repository for all of your process documentations.
With Vizi-Manager (Team Repository) you get a powerful database solution that allows you to store both your process models as well as other documents.

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Jupiter Research found that 54 percent of internet shoppers have stopped buying from certain online stores in the middle of a transaction because they have concerns about service, delivery, shipping or handling. Other estimates range as high as 60 to 90 percent abandonment of shopping carts on some e-commerce sites. Sometimes it's because of confusion; other times, frustration over the process or lack of information. Some shoppers just use the cart as a place to hold items they're considering and, in the end, never buy.

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Online shoppers are finicky. Those who aren't experienced customers--who haven't yet discovered the convenience of two-day delivery or easy returns--tend to be skittish during the entire shopping experience. A well-planned, secure shopping cart should make the checkout process easy, clear and flexible for the shopper.

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There are several services that offer secure online shopping cart technology. PayPal, for instance, offers a free shopping cart program to its merchant members. At checkout, shoppers indicate that they want to make their purchases through their PayPal accounts, and the process rolls out automatically. Other application service provider (ASP) companies also keep the merchant's shopping cart on a third-party site, where it is secure and regularly updated. and provide this type of service for a monthly or annual fee. Popular software packages that can be purchased include and .

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It may take 30 days or more for a merchant account to be approved and the integration process can be burdensome for business owners to do it themselves. Fortunately, the growth of online sales has given rise to an entire industry of merchant service bureaus that will grant a merchant account and everything else needed to accept online payments.