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A large clock on the wall of the power station registered the first kilowatts of energy to be produced.

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What Powers Does the Queen of England Actually Have?

Way over at the other end of the spectrum from Power Plant is Hash Plant from .
If not enough people buy the likes of Hash Plant, Night Queen or Power Plant, eventually the seed companies will stop selling those strains altogether.

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One final note of encouragement is that as with Night Queen, the companies that created and maintain these heritage strains have to sell enough of them to keep them stable and active via mother plants and male plants.


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For example, some modern hybrids give you the narcotic Afghanica body-slam effects of Hash Plant or Night Queen, combined with the thought-rush head effects of Power Plant or other sativas. You can’t get up off the couch, but you really want to, because your mind is stimulated. It’s a frustrating kind of intoxication.

In general, a primary usefulness of heritage strains such as Power Plant, Hash Plant and Night Queen is that you get a very predictable type of high and that you have a very simple hybrid that can be used for breeding.

and the first to attain the full power of the position.

The name Night Queen refers to the fact the strain is best used at night so you can pass out. It’s definitely a nighttime weed, with its aphrodisiac effects, but it doesn’t make me collapse the way Hash Plant does. The name also references the dark-green, almost purplish-black foliage characteristic of pure Afghanica strains and strains such as Black Domina. The foliage is dark, shiny and pretty.

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The company recently continued production to satisfy the demands of growers who were requesting a pure Afghanica that finishes fast and has a high percentage of resin glands for hashish and concentrates processing.

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Joncairs did not invent the waterwheel, however before he arrived, the power of Niagara was being used for nothing more than washing.

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Dutch Passion removed Night Queen from its menu of seeds for more than a decade because its predominantly body high was out of vogue at the time, with this strain boasting unusually high levels of THC and CBD. But as people grew tired of the confusing entourage of effects from modern hybrid cannabis, they requested that Dutch Passion bring back pure strains such as Night Queen.

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As with all dense, sticky buds, avoid overwatering and high grow-room humidity when you’re running Afghanicas such as Night Queen and Hash Plant. Too much water in the plant leads to moist buds that rot from the inner stem because of botrytis.