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Before embarking on a political career...Adolf Hitler had been a nonentity.

Adolf Hitler's medical health has long been a subject of controversy.

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It was Eckart who introduced him to Hitler at the beginning of his political career.
“Had it not been for Hitler’s steadfast refusal of doing so – at one point, he even resigned from the party for that reason – the Nazi party would have been absorbed by the German Socialist party and thus would have disappeared and history would have taken a different path.”

Seeking a career in the visual arts, Hitler fought ..

The German people were tired of the political haggling in Berlin. Theywere tired of misery, tired of suffering, tired of weakness. These weredesperate times and they were willing to listen to anyone, even Adolf Hitler.


Last will and testament of Adolf Hitler

Hitler's school career ended in failure, but the death of his father had removed the pressure on him to get a job. By now he had developed the self-image of an artist, a superior being above mundane employment, who would one day create great works of art or architecture. He spent his time in his home town, Linz, reading, drawing, attending the theatre or opera; he had developed a particular passion for Wagner.

Adolf Hitler was born on , at , , a small town in , on the border with . He was the third son and the fourth of six children of (born Schicklgruber) (1837–1903), a minor official, and (1860–1907), his second cousin, and third wife. Because of the close kinship of the two, a papal dispensation had to be obtained before the marriage could take place. Of Alois and Klara's six children, only Adolf and his younger sister reached adulthood. Alois Hitler also had a son, , and a daughter, , by his second wife.

Adolf Hitler's membership card for the German Workers' Party

Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn on the Austro-German border on 20th April 1889. His family background has given rise to much psychological speculation. His father, a customs official who died when Hitler was 13, was cold and strict, while his mother was gentle and loving and pampered her son, who adored her. Hitler was clearly intelligent but bored by much of his formal education, except for history, which was taught with a strong German nationalist bias.

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Not sufficiently strong for manual labour - contrary to his claim in his book, Mein Kampf ('My Struggle'), to having been a building worker - he eked out a precarious existence selling his reproductions of famous sights which were hawked by hostel acquaintances.

The life of adolf hitler and his political career

Pre-1914 Vienna - the capital of a multi-ethnic empire with a highly sophisticated, mainly Jewish, upper middle class, a deeply conservative and Catholic petty bourgeoisie, and a growing and increasingly radicalised working class - was like a magnifying glass focusing and concentrating the ideas, artistic trends and political forces that were to shape the century into a purer and more extreme form than anywhere else in Europe: ethnic nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, Socialism, psychoanalysis, and modern forms of painting, music, crafts and architecture.

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A few minutes into his speech, he was drownedout by shouting followed by open brawling between German Workers' Partyassociates and disruptive Communists. Eventually, Hitler resumed speakingand claims in Mein Kampf the shouting was gradually drowned out by applause.