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For centuries, these cuffs protected European and Asian bow hunters and military archers from being snapped on the wrist by their bowstrings.

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He shot his first bow at seven years old and killed his first bear while bow hunting at age eleven.
Having known some great bowhunters who I’ve looked up to for years, and more importantly, knowing there are legions of others out there who will never end up on television or in print but are doing their best each day to positively promote our sport and encourage anyone with interest, is truly humbling.

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There are also a good number of television and DVD deer hunting personalities who are known for a unique ..
It’s a source of great pleasure to realize we’ve got legions of women of all ages picking up bows and firing arrows straight through the glass ceiling that had so long stood between the fairer sex and bowhunting adventures. These women are living proof that being the real deal involves—independent of gender—a love for archery and the bowhunting community.


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Ensign is another Super Slammer who I met at an a few years ago. I developed a friendship with Ensign from that moment on and had the privilege of seeing just how devoted he is to our sport. On one of the well-known bowhunting Internet sites, Ensign often checks into the forums to offer encouragement and advice to fellow posters.

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