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White collar crime is the term used to characterize crimes that are economic in nature and non-violent

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01/08/2014 · The meaning and definition of white-collar crime is deeply contested
Sutherland’s presidential address to the American Sociological Association. He asserts the importance of white-collar crime and the need for further social scientific consideration.

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Embezzlement is among the most common form of white-collar crime. It begins with the entrustment of another’s funds under . The methods used to embezzle can vary greatly and can be quite elaborate. Embezzlement includes “Ponzi” schemes of all kinds including but not limited to fraudulent billing, skimming off of payroll accounts, setting up false employee accounts, falsifying financial records, and diverting funds to fabricated vendor accounts. The king of embezzlement in our recent past has been convicted criminal .


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White-collar crimes may be prosecuted in state or federal courts, depending upon whether state or federal laws have been violated. The penalties for committing white-collar crimes vary, but in some cases they may be as severe as those prescribed for violent crimes. If you are questioned by a law enforcement officer or another governmental agent about possible criminal conduct, it is wise to talk with an attorney before answering any questions.

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Peter: ...to our first case.White Collar is a drama by about a , Neal Caffrey (), and Peter Burke, the supervising him (Tim DeKay) who work together, albeit begrudgingly, to stop .Caffrey is a convicted , having three months before his sentence of four years was completed.

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Convicted white collar criminals in federal judicial districts representing metropolitan centers, specifically, central California, northern Georgia, northern Illinois, Maryland, southern New York, northern Texas, and western Washington.

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He's quickly caught by Burke (who was responsible for catching him in the first place) and is in for another four year stay, but manages to be released to the FBI (Under Burke's supervision and being tagged with a ) to assist with catching some of the most ruthless white collar criminals in , which also gives him an opportunity to pursue his lost girlfriend, Kate, on the side.Other important characters include Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen), Peter's loving and devoted wife, with whom he has ; Mozzie (Willie Garson), Neal's partner in crime; and the members of Peter's White Collar Crime Unit, including Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) and Diana Barrigan ().

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White-collar is a term that is usually applied to crimes associated with business that do not involve violence or bodily injury to another person. Examples of so-called white-collar crimes are those crimes generally associated with lending institutions which involve bank , such as making false statements to obtain a loan, filing false reports or returns with government agencies, , using the mail or wire communications to defraud, and paying or accepting bribes.

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You wouldn't think investigating white collar crimes like fraud and art theft would involve so many guns, and yet, it's the rare episode that does not include someone being threatened with violence.