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The latest video in the series, 'The Value of a Music Degree' features composer, Adrian Sutton

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Music PAL visitors should be familiar with  at the Library of Trinity College Dublin.
The ethnomusicology program is committed to training a new generation of music scholars to bring the insights of cutting-edge cultural theory to original research based on solidly grounded, finely detailed ethnographic fieldwork. Beyond area-studies strengths in Latin America and Asia, our ethnomusicology faculty are known for their engagement with theoretical concerns at the forefront of contemporary research in their field, including music’s relationship with popular culture, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, technology, politics, memory, and globalization. Though our program appeals particularly to graduate students who have wide-ranging curiosity about music and cultural meaning, drawing on fields ranging from anthropology to cultural studies and literary criticism, we also prepare students for the kinds of far-ranging interdisciplinary conversations that are a hallmark of the field of ethnomusicology today.

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Graduates of Trinity College Dublin may apply for a Graduate Reader's Card after their Commencement:
Music PAL facilitates access to music information and materials available across a broad range of libraries and archives throughout the island of Ireland. Member libraries collaborate to provide easy access to music resources held in their collections (though without borrowing rights, and subject to their rules and regulations). The Library of Trinity College Dublin is a participant.


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Exploring the operas of Handel and musical theatre works of Gilbert and Sullivan is just the tip of the iceberg for Gabrielle...
However, the faculty’s interests extend to a wide range of subjects, including British music, especially Elgar and Vaughan Williams, critical musicology, and early music. Of special interest to our scholars is the intersection of music, politics, and culture in the formation of national identity in the twentieth century. Musicology students benefit from working with leading scholars in several areas of research, in both their own field and in ethnomusicology. They are encouraged to maintain and develop their skills as performers through participation in the department’s many ensembles, both Western and non-Western.

Jose Maria Condemi, Director of Opera and Musical Theatre, directed productions of Carmen and Frida at Central City Opera and Cincinnati Opera, respectively, earlier this year to rave reviews.

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The objectives in composition include giving students a thorough grounding in historical and contemporary compositional practice along with a strong emphasis in digital technologies for creation (sound design, computer composition, digital interactivity, new hybrid media), documentation (recording, digital editing, etc.), and production (sequencing, acoustic-digital hybrid works, interactive digital performance and installation). The program encourages multiple modes of musical practice, including participation in ensembles, working both in both traditional composition and sound design, as well as pursuing scholarly inquiry in cultural, media, and technocultural studies.

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Further details about the scheme are available on the . This includes a list of . Members of these institutions should apply to their home library for a Music PAL card if they wish to use the Music collections of the Library of Trinity College Dublin.

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Music PAL card holders should apply for a TCD temporary Visiting Reader Card online. The card takes a week to process and you will be contacted when it is ready for collection at the during its . Please bring your Music PAL card and proof of identity.

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Undergraduates are normally not admitted to the Library unless a particular item is only available at the Library of Trinity College Dublin.