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It is certain, that there will never be such as great a man, as Walt Disney.

Don't they care that Walt Disney is totally pro-homosexual???

Before there was the idea of Disney World, there was Disneyland....

All year long the youth in the church practice and perform Walt Disney's theme songs.
I have always notice there’s a distinct ‘feel’ between a Pixar movie and a WDAS movie, this article(and Glenn Keane) put it to words beautifully. And lol at the Michael Eisner jokes, why do you guys hated him so much….

is another moral disaster put out by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney is best know for his characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse, but his company can also be credited with achievements such as the first fully synchronized sound picture, "Steamboat Willie", the first full-color animation, "Flowers and Trees", and the first full-length animated movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"....


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According to Henry Giroux, a popular critic of the Walt Disney Company, Disney’s immense success also represents “the power of the culture industries to mediate and influence almost every aspect of our lives” (19)....

As this made me realize, there is a key difference regarding how these studios use villains. If you watch James Bond movies, the basic plot is always pretty similar: James Bond has to stop the villain’s plan. If it weren’t for the villain, there would be no plot. This is classically what Disney has done. Without Scar’s machinations, Mufasa would still be alive, Simba would have never left Pride Rock, and we would all have one less childhood trauma. Aladdin would have never found the lamp without Jafar making him enter the Cave of Wonders. Rapunzel would have lived happily with her parents. Vanellope wouldn’t be a glitch. The villain is usually the one who puts the plot in motion and our hero has to overcome the villain’s interference.

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Is this the kind of role model that decent and responsible parents want for their child? No way! Every Christian parent in America should ban Walt Disney in their home!!!

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This use of villains illustrates a key difference in Disney and Pixar’s storytelling. Disney is much more classic in this aspect. It uses its villains to push its heroes out of their comfort zones and into confronting the reality of what they need. Pixar, instead, makes its own protagonists put themselves in danger, thus making sure the hero can’t escape his or her problems by making the bad guy fall off a castle or tower. Each protagonist has to learn something and grow as a character.

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Also, it’s interesting to note that 2012 was a bizarre year. Pixar released a princess movie and Disney gave us Wreck-It-Ralph, an excellent ‘what if’ movie.

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So, these are a few key differences I see between both studios. And, if Pixar does make a musical, I think they will do it the Pixar way. They can’t make a princess musical. Competing with Disney on this front is practically pointless.

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the most beautiful young girls, made to look drop-dead gorgeous by professional beauticians, crawling on the floor and gyrating their hips, jumping up an down in negligee-style clothing to demonic Rock 'N' Roll music, for the world to lust upon. No teenage girl should be decked-out like a street whore, adorned with dark eye-shadow, wearing bedroom attire and high-heels, and behaving like a slut on camera. This is Walt Disney today and it is rotten evil to the core.