• Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Jemison who led the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott.

For many years now Negroes in Montgomery and so many other areas have been inflicted with the paralysis of crippling fears on buses in our community.

There will be no crosses burned at any bus stops in Montgomery.

The buses remain segregated and the boycott carries on.

Blacks boycott stores owned by the Milam and Bryant families, driving them out of business.
Parks trial, the court challenge, and the bus boycott — though he himself won't be able to attend because he has to leave on his Pullman Car porter run to New York City and back.

And the bus boycott started in Montgomery.

: And what did you think when you heard that the bus boycott was over?
While the Baton Rouge bus boycott does not end segregation as such, it represents a significant victory of Black community action against segregation in the deep south.


So this was one way that they were hoping to break the bus boycott.

I wrote my eighth-grade paper on the Montgomery bus boycott — wish I still had that piece.
On December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, AL and sparked the American Civil Rights movement of the 20th century.

we are here in a specific sense, because of the bus situation in Montgomery.
King: "" Suddenly, while the judge is still reading his order, word reaches the Montgomery courtroom that without wasting time on useless arguments the United States Supreme Court has decisively rejected the city's appeal and affirmed the ruling that bus segregation is unconstitutional.

Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott

In their view, only dark conspiracies and outside agitators can explain this revolt by Montgomery's "happy and contented Colored population." On June 1st, as part of a south-wide , Alabama Attorney General (and later Governor) John Patterson obtains an utterly unconstitutional court order outlawing the NAACP everywhere in the state on grounds that they are "...organizing, supporting, and financing, an illegal boycott by Negro residents of Montgomery." A fine of $100,000 (equal to almost $843,000 in 2012) is levied against the organization.

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Now there are two simultaneous boycotts, and what began as a local issue in Montgomery when one woman refuses to give up her seat is stirring winds of change across multiple southern states.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. (When attorneys miss a filing deadline in 1957, the appeal is dismissed on that technicality and the fine is paid, but by this time the boycott has been won and bus segregation ruled unconstitutional.)Dr.

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Boycott supporters from Montgomery and elsewhere in the nation, including Congressman Charles Diggs (D-MI), pack the courtroom, as do local, national, and international journalists.

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The city fathers and business leaders representing the white power-structure then issue an ultimatum to the Black community: end the boycott immediately on the city's terms — or face the consequences.