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The Puritans had a profound impact on the English speaking people onboth sides of the .

mindset of our Founding Fathers in writing the Constitution

This is not the view of the American founding ..

Tens of thousandsof men, women, and children crossed the in that first half of the 1600's.
An international commission of historians has found “no proof” that Kurt Waldheim committed war crimes, according to the 200-page report it submitted to Chancellor Franz Vranitzky here Monday night.

was the mindset that had guided the founding of the ..

Migrations ofPuritans from that followed in the next two decades numbered in the tens of thousands.
According to the scriptures, all people whose name was not written in the book of life prior to the foundation of the world have already been assigned to the fires of hell, as seen in the words: (Rev 20:15 NIV). With regard to the coming Kingdom it is written that (Rev 21:27 NIV). What these things mean is that, prior to the creation of the world, the hand of God was upon all whose name is written in the book of life, and by virtue of God's Will -- and God's Will alone -- these chosen individuals will not be , and will not do anything that . In accordance with the Will of God, those whose names are not written in the book of life will do evil, and this evil is often said to be also brought about by the Will of God. According to Jude, the brother of Jesus, even the unbelievers in the church were foreordained by God: (Jude 1:4 NAS).


and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation.

She said she will donate it to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. She could have sold it for thousands of dollars.
When asked when the Kingdom will come upon the earth in the manner that carnal believers look for it to come, Jesus taught that the Kingdom will never come upon the earth -- because it is within you (Luke 17:20-21) -- and it is therein that the seeker/disciple must look to enter into the Kingdom. Therefore, the Kingdom is not something to be believed in -- but rather, to be entered into while one is still physically alive in this world. One cannot be taught about the Kingdom -- we can only be taught how to enter into the Kingdom. Therefore, those of us who the Bible speaks of as being are taught in parables -- which are allegorical images that contain within themselves great spiritual truths. On the other hand, those who are willing to go with the Lord -- are those who have utilized the Gospels as the Key of Knowledge -- turning the scriptures within their own mind and being -- ardently living in accord with the teachings and commandments of Jesus -- and it is these seekers/disciples along who are able to enter this deeper state of consciousness which is portrayed as entering with the Lord -- wherein they can begin to be taught the higher reality of the Soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Thus, only those who live the necessary mindset and lifestyle that enables them to enter with the Lord, can be taught all things -- which things are spoken of as the Mysteries of God to those who are -- Mysteries, because they are beyond the comprehension of the carnal mind of man which only uses less than ten percent of its potential. Clement, the first century disciple of Peter writes of these mysteries: (Outlines Book VIII). This higher knowledge that was entrusted only to the soul portrayed as his brother and the direct disciples of Jesus, is what Christians today are in search of, and what was thrown away by the Church of the Roman Empire. With regard to the Spiritual meaning of the Gospel that could not be revealed to those who were portrayed as being "without", Origen writes that Jesus In these words Origen is here revealing an important reality of the Gospel that modern faith-based believers are not at all prepared to contemplate -- i.e., a phrase that differentiates the gospel of Christ -- or what is commonly called the Good News that was preached to the masses of people -- and that doctrine that was too sacred to be written, and is herein called the . Origen says of this Gospel that it . What Origen is confirming is that the Gospel of God has never been written in a document of any kind that you could read, as you do other religious writings. It is this great truth that is expressed in the words of the Church Father when he writes that the Sacred Mysteries of God's Gospel could never be . When Christians read their Bibles what they are reading is what Paul portrayed as the of the Gospel that was meant for "babes" in Christ -- a carnal condition of mind that Paul portrayed as being of an level of consciousness (see ) that was incapable of comprehending the spiritual meaning of the Gospel. Which is exactly why Paul profoundly stated to the very people who he had personally taught the Gospel message: (1 Cor 3:1-3 NKJ).

These religiousactivists, (along with an assortment of political dissenters and freethinkers),were bound for the English colonies in the .
“This Hitler is nuts,” he told Karl. But in 1933, when Hitler rose to power, Jewish professionals were fired, Jewish businesses “Aryanized” by forced sales. My father, a pharmacist’s apprentice, was summarily fired. He found another job, but was fired again in 1935, for the same reason.

a founding father of modern American conservatism

To the vast majority of Christians, the foregoing will sound convoluted!!! After all, how can on one hand it be said that the pre-Nicene Church rejected the doctrine of reincarnation, while openly teaching the doctrine of the pre-existent Soul? Which is exactly why Paul profoundly stated to the very people who he had personally taught the Gospel message: Wycliffe Commentary where it states that:

Deism & the Founding of the US

What teachings were removed from the Gospels? From a spiritual perspective, the most important. Moreover, when that segment of the Church which portrayed itself as Orthodox entered into a covenant with the Emperor Constantine, they used the most corrupted versions of the New Testament as a starting point, and then further corrupted the text in order to make it support the tenets of Pagan Rome. But herein lies the problem: If the Gospels were corrupted -- with many of the most important spiritual teachings edited or removed in order to make them support the tenets of Pagan Rome -- then how can the modern Christian even begin to know the Truth? The answer is found in the words: (John 8:30-32 TLB). And if we augment this statement with the text of the that translation known as The Message, we can begin to understand the solution to the dilemma -- i.e., The key message is in the words that the seeker must . And in this respect, the Law is that you can never possess any greater Truth than you are willing to live and manifest in your daily life. So, while it is true that the Gospel was corrupted in order to make it support the dogma of the Imperial Emperor Constantine and Pagan Rome, it is also true that with the restoral of the suppressed teachings and a desire on the part of Christians to , there is the promise of the Gospel that

In recent decades, the role of deism in the American founding has …

I grabbed my kid’s crayons and construction paper and whipped up a slightly sad-looking but accurate infographic chart drawing thing (it’s stunning, I know)… I thought my lifelines would be things like date nights, health insurance, and a great bottle of wine, but what ended up emerging was more foundational (though date nights, wine and health insurance are nice too). Here are the pillars of my life that have allowed me to have clarity and vitality around my work and career and family.