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And socially it means that without dharma, there is a lack of cooperation, along with escalating quarrel and fighting.

Meaning and the Problem of Universals - Friesian School

Meaning and the Problem of Universals, A Kant-Friesian Approach

In this way, the path of dharma is more than a religion or belief system.
The Critical conclusion in epistemology is the Friesian theory of , while in metaphysics it is Kantian transcendental idealism or .
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Stephen or Steven is a common English first name

(A theory of truth, Hick's "internal consistency," must wait for Hegel.) It is just that the objects are not transcendently real and absolutely outside the subject as Hicks requires.


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Thus, an issue of the former "Institute for Objectivist Studies" (subsequently ) newsletter, the "Navigator" [Volume 2 Number 6, February 1999], included an interview with Stephen Hicks, a Ph.D.

The external form is to them, and it is then instantiated into the mind through abstraction (from perception), or through the mysterious "formal causation" of Jacobs and Zeis, by which the "form" of the object is causally conveyed into the mind.

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Nevertheless, the basic logical objection to his exercise in this passage is that it involves a definition; for he has not the term "synonymous." Since "synonymous" "has the same sense," Mates can only beg the question by using the term at all -- especially in a sentence of the form "If X is synonymous, then Y is synonymous." This answers no question about what sense is as meaning, as opposed to reference as meaning (the reductionistic thesis of Mates's Nominalistic extentionalism).

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Since the non-existence of propositions and the various other nonentities in no way requires us to deny that there are indeed pairs of synonymous expressions, we can accept most of Frege's semantics without agreeing to his metaphysics.

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The answer is that the essentials of Frege's view can be stated without any metaphysical assumptions about the existence of such things as propositions.

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Frege also held that truth values were the referents of propositions (since sense covered the semantic content of all the terms in a proposition), to which Mates refers in the following:

In view of the doubts earlier expressed about the existence of such things as propositions -- and the same doubts apply almost as well to truth-values -- the reader may wonder how we dare to invoke these entities in the present context.

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The idea that somehow Western philosophy was in the deadly grip of Aristotle and then was freed by Alfred Korzybski gives us a clue that the whole business doesn't involve much awareness of the history of philosophy, where in the 17th century , was already drawn treading on volumes of Aristotle -- as, in effect, he was.