• He sees - in totality - the falsity of the Matrix.
  • He is, in fact, the creator of The Matrix.
  • But the Oracle is co-creator of the Matrix.

The Matrix has many biblical themes and it parallels the Bible in numerous ways.

In The Matrix, Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo fight the machines.

The information is then interpreted by the brain and processed.

and urged Matrix fans to see it because it's a 'great spiritual inspiration for the Matrix films'.
Perhaps Merovingian (as a former Savior) relinquished his fight to save humanity - realizing the futility - and accepted a new role in The Matrix much like Cypher did.

The theme of Neo as a Jesus Christ figure plays throughout the movie.

It is a religious story, with symbols deeply set in the Christian faith....

This understanding of material and spiritual can possibly address the mystical Trinity in Christianity and also the reincarnation of the Buddha in Buddhism.


This subject matter speaks to the idea of collective consciousness.

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Perhaps the most important way that the 6th Neo is different from his predecessors is that he wields apparently supernatural powers in the real world. I also think that his abilities within the Matrix are far beyond what any previous incarnation possessed. Let's start with what the Architect says in Reloaded:

He is the god of dreams, which ties in with the sleep/dream theme that runs throughout the Matrix.
For there has been a vast transformation of consciousness, not only in the Western world, but over the whole face of the earth, in the two brief centuries that have elapsed since the dating in Roman numerals of that pyramid. By Joseph Campbell - "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space - Metaphor as Myth and as Religion." .

One example lies in Neo's abilities to manipulate the Matrix.

This revelation rocked the storyline in Reloaded and sent the theme off on a wonderfully unexpected tangent.

The Architect turns out a coward.

In the Matrix films, the Keymaker represents this access.

One door will complete the machine's automated function of the anamoly (Zion) and the other door will lead to the destruction of the entire human race.

Not unlike the story of the great Flood and Noah's Ark, The Architect, like Yahweh, explains that every living thing in Zion is about to be destroyed.

Zion and its inhabitants represent the rejection of The Matrix.

Neo is genetically designed to tap into this aggregate bio-electrical circuit, and he focuses and amplifies that energy. The extent of that amplification is tied to his personal emotional level. In his previous incarnations, Neo's generic feeling toward the rest of humanity afforded him a certain amount of power in the Matrix. But this time around, because of Trinity, the depth of his emotion is incredibly multiplied. As a result, so is his power in the Matrix. The same explanation works for everyone else, too. ER, not really everyone. We don't see special abilities in the Matrix from anyone except Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Ghost, and Niobe. All five of them have strong emotions and deep connections to others. It is possible to suppose that all five of these people were genetically designed as well. I won't go either way on that except to say one thing: If the first interpretation that I gave regarding the relationship between the Ages and the Incarnations is true, then there is very little engineering that needs to be done.

The Agents represent the enforcer arm of the machines in the Matrix.

I don't think this is very surprising. The Matrix is, in William Gibson's language,a consensual hallucination. It should exhibit the qualities felt most strongly byits participants. (This is also why there is The One: to allow humans to exercisetheir will on the Matrix. More on this momentarily.) But even on a purely physicallevel it's still the case. The Matrix is powered by human bio-electricity. Whatis that? It's thoughts and feelings, impulses and urges of the body. Therefore,everything in the Matrix is the result of human emotion, or more accuratelythe ebb and flow of the aggregate emotion of the entire human race.