Charles Darwin was born in this house, The Mount, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England on 12 February 1809. See his autobiography here.

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Charles Darwin was the originator of the biological theory of evolution
It was arguably the most important voyage in scientific history, in which Charles Darwin collected the specimens that would inspire his theory of evolution and thus change the world.

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He always made us feel that we were each of us creatures whose opinions and thoughts were valuable to him, so that whatever there was best in us came out in the sunshine of his presence." Autobiography of Charles Darwin and Selected Letters.


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In his Autobiography, Darwin (called Charley and Bobby during this time) describes himself as being a rather "naughty" child.

In fact, based on conversations I have had with other Darwin enthusiasts and with some of his descendants, it is safe to say that for Darwin his family life was far more important to him than his research into the natural sciences.