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The place, type, and significance of work differed substantiallyfor women and for men in the immigrant Jewish community.

The Jewish immigrant who brought 250 doctors from …

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A Jewish journalist is confronting Trump’s immigration allies with their own immigrant histories
The 1919 Aliens Restriction Act and the 1920 Aliens Order confirmed and extended the British government’s wartime controls on immigration. In addition to registering with the police and providing proof of financial support, ‘aliens’ now needed work permits, and were subje ct to deportation for causing unrest.

Vera Katz, as Jewish immigrant and Portland mayor, …

The East End of London was among the worst damaged areas in the Blitz, and many people were evacuated to the countryside. In some places, such as Bedford, this flight from the city re-established Jewish life in communities that had declined in the late 19th century.



Jewish men fought for Britain in all parts of the armed forces. 27-year-old Lieutenant Frank de Pass became the first Jewish recipient of the Victoria Cross after losing his life in action near Festubert, France, in November 1914.

Young Jewish men signed up in large numbers to fight with the British forces in World War I. Yet, after the war, government controls on immigrants living in Britain were extended.

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The Act allowed Britain to refuse entry to immigrants with no visible means of financial support or ability to earn a living. The Aliens Act set the template for increasing government control of immigration, defining it as a problem to be dealt with by law.

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The Royal Commission’s findings led to the passing of the Aliens Act, the first peacetime law restricting the entry of immigrants to Britain. It was targeted primarily at Britain’s most visible minority community – Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

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The Aliens Act was the result of a sustained campaign to restrict the immigration of ‘pauper aliens’ to Britain. New immigrants frequently faced hostility and prejudice, and were blamed for a range of social problems. They were accused of causing overcrowding in the inner-city areas where they lived, and of taking jobs from English workers by accepting lower wages and poor conditions.

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The large numbers of Eastern European Jews arriving in Britain faced hostility in some quarters, and there were calls to curb immigration. In 1905 the Aliens Act was passed in ord

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Although the majority of these new arrivals were Ashkenazim from Russia and Poland, there was also a new settlement of Sephardi Jews from North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East in Manchester. They were involved in the city’s textile trade, and opened their first synagogue in 1873.