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Under the transitional government and the newly-elected Johnson-Sirleaf administration, respect for freedom of the press has noticeably improved.

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- At the White House,President Johnson's top aides, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk,National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy, and Defense Secretary McNamara,recommend a policy of gradual escalation of U.S. military involvement inVietnam.

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United States - The Kennedy and Johnson administrations: During the campaign Kennedy had stated that America was “on the edge of a …
Political pressure now mounts on the Kennedy administration to disassociateitself from Diem's repressive, family-run government. "You are responsiblefor the present trouble because you back Diem and his government of ignoramuses,"a leading Buddhist tells U.S. officials in Saigon.


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United States - The Kennedy and Johnson administrations: During the campaign Kennedy had stated that America was “on the edge of a New Frontier”; in his inaugural speech he spoke of “a new generation of Americans”; and during his presidency he seemed to be taking government in a new direction, away from the easygoing …
- The first attack byViet Cong against Americans in Vietnam occurs at Bien Hoa air base, 12miles north of Saigon. A pre-dawn mortar assault kills five Americans,two South Vietnamese, and wounds nearly a hundred others. President Johnsondismisses all recommendations for a retaliatory air strike against NorthVietnam.

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Much-anticipated amendments to the Press Law were enacted in July 2006, but they did not alter provisions that criminalized the publication of "false news" and criticism of the president and foreign leaders.

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However, threats against the press did not entirely disappear with the resignation of Kerekou; in September three journalists with two separate privately-run newspapers were arrested and temporarily detained for articles critical of the police and the new president's family.
Benin's numerous established media outlets have a history of providing aggressive reporting and robust scrutiny of both government and opposition leaders.

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- Inresponse to the two incidents involving the and, the U.S. Congress, at the behest of President Johnson, overwhelminglypasses the put forwardby the White House allowing the President "to take all necessary steps,including the use of armed force" to prevent further attacks againstU.S. forces. The Resolution, passed unanimously in the House and 98-2 inthe Senate, grants enormous power to President Johnson to wage an undeclaredwar in Vietnam from the White House.

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Following his visit, McNamara advises President Johnson to increasemilitary aid to shore up the sagging South Vietnamese army. McNamara andother Johnson policy makers now become focused on the need to prevent aCommunist victory in South Vietnam, believing it would damage the credibilityof the U.S. globally. The war in Vietnam thus becomes a test of U.S. resolvein fighting Communism with America's prestige and President Johnson's reputationon the line.

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In recent years, President John Kufuor's administration has demonstrated its desire to expand freedom of expression by repealing the criminal libel laws.