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THE LAUGHING SUTRA. by Mark Salzman. Random House; 263 pages; $18.95. Four years ago, Mark Salzman made an enviable debut as …

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At that time, Mahamati the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva who was previously requested by Ravana [to ask the Buddha concerning his self-realisation], feeling pity on him, () and knowing the minds and thoughts of the assembly of the Bodhisattvas, and observing that beings to be born in the future would be confused in their minds because of their delight in the verbal teaching (), because of their clinging to the letter as [fully in accordance with] the spirit (), because of their clinging to the disciplinary powers of the Sravakas, Pratyekabuddhas, and philosophers, —which might lead them to think how it were that the Tathagatas, the Blessed Ones, even in their transcendental state of consciousness should burst out into loudest laughter —Mahamati the Bodhisattva asked the Buddha in order to put a stop to their inquisitiveness the following question: "For what reason, for what cause did this laughter take place?"

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(3:14): MP3Kaddish, part 1 (9:50): MP3Reading at the Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, February 27, 1959Complete Reading (38:55): MP3Poem Rocket (4:25): MP3Message from Paris (0:44): MP3Squeal (1:21): MP3Wrote This Last Night (1:06): MP3The Lion for Real (4:14): MP3To Aunt Rose (2:27): MP3Ignu (6:50): MP3To Lindsay (0:41): MP3Kaddish (16:25): MP3Reading Recent Poems at Robert Creeley's Home, likely 1959Complete Recording (28:12): MP3Back on Times Square, Dreaming of Times Square (1:12): MP3Laughing Gas, part I (4:39): MP3My Sad Self (for Frank O'Hara) (3:03): MP3To Aunt Rose (2:41): MP3Kaddish, part I (10:23): MP3Kaddish, part III (1:46): MP3Kaddish, part IV (3:25): MP3Kaddish, part V (1:03): MP3Reading "Sunflower Sutra," 1960(from a Jonas Mekas film)complete recording (2:42): MP3Reading at the Vancouver Conference, July 31, 1963Complete Reading (1:19:48): MP3Early Poems (5:07): MP3Marijuana Notation (1:03): MP3The Brick Layers' Lunch Hour (1:30): MP3How Come He Got Canned at the Ribbon Factory (2:25): MP3Discussion of How Come He Got Canned at the Ribbon Factory (3:25): MP3The Archetype Poem (1:56): MP3Finally (0:43): MP3My Alba (1:10): MP3The Green Automobile (6:46): MP3Love Poem on a Theme by Whitman (1:52): MP3Song (2:44): MP3Fragment 1956 (2:28): MP3Howl (excerpt) (1:53): MP3Transcription of Organ Music (5:01): MP3Sunflower Sutra (5:28): MP3In the Baggage Room at Greyhound (5:33): MP3A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley (1:23): MP3Psalm III (1:12): MP3Tears (0:43): MP3Back on Times Square, Dreaming of Times Square (1:46): MP3My Sad Self (3:23): MP3To an Old Poet in Peru (3:51): MP3Kaddish (excerpt) (16:45): MP3Reading Early Poems, Location Unknown, 1963complete recording (14:24): MP3Ginsberg singing William Blake's Songs of Innocence and ExperienceNYC, December 15, 1969(see also: PoemTalk Podcast #4 on Ginsberg's "The Garden of Love": MP3)Reading at The Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, August, 1971Stanzas Written at Night in Radio City (3:15): MP3Gary Snyder Reading Poesy at Princeton (2:09): MP3Eclogue (18:10): MP3Guru Om (4:44): MP3Have You Seen This Movie?


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If, Mahamati, meat is not eaten by anybody for any reason, there will be no destroyer of life. Mahamati, in the majority of cases () the slaughtering of innocent living beings is done for pride and very rarely for other causes. Though nothing special may be said of eating the flesh of living creatures such as animals and birds, alas, Mahamati, that one addicted to the love of [meat-] taste should eat human flesh! Mahamati, in most cases nets and other devices are prepared in various places by people who have lost their sense on account of their appetite for meat-taste, and thereby many innocent victims are destroyed for the sake of the price [they bring in]—such as birds, Kaurabhraka, Kaivarta, etc., that are moving about in the air, on land, and in water. There are even some, Mahamati, who are like Rakshasas hard-hearted and used to practising cruelties, 2 who, being so devoid of compassion, would now and then look at living beings as meant for food and destruction— no compassion is awakened in them.

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Then the Blessed One beholding again this great assembly with his wisdom-eye, which is not the human eye, laughed loudly and most vigorously like the lion-king. Emitting rays of light from the tuft of hair between the eyebrows, from the ribs, from the loins, from the Srivatsa1 on the breast, and from every pore of the skin, —emitting rays of light which shone flaming like the fire taking place at the end of a kalpa, like a luminous rainbow, like the rising sun, blazing brilliantly, gloriously—which were observed from the sky by Sakra, Brahma, and the guardians of the world, the one who sat on the peak [of Lanka] vying with Mount Sumeru laughed the loudest laugh. At that time the assembly of the Bodhisattvas together with Sakra and Brahma, each thought within himself: