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Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done. C.

Our weird lack of hair may be the key to our success - BBC

Our weird lack of hair may be the key to our success - …

 Doing it right and staying focused are why SBIers succeed way more often than other solopreneurs.
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Loads of companies, big and small, try to mislead you into believing that you'll succeed with them. They try to answer the only question that really matters to you...

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These solopreneurs know SBI! better than we do. They have used it to build successful businesses, based on a wide variety of niches.
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If a company does not even try to show a few examples of business success or if it fails the tests below, you will likely end up as one of the 99% who fail.


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of the
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Of my lack of success i have no wish to lie
I am too old for loving and too young to die
The years have left me looking older and gray
And the clock on my life keeps on ticking away
Many decades ago when my hair was dark brown
As a younger man near a far away town
I often daydreamed of success but daydreams seldom come true
Suppose we receive from life what is only our due
Yet i hope to live on for as long as i can
And to die without pain as a very old man
And though eventually to the scythe of the Reaper i will fall
The great gift of life is the greatest gift of all
I may not have much money but i have no wish

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Dysregulated eaters often feel like failures because they haven’t lost weight, kept it off, stopped bingeing/overeating/mindless eating, quit obsessing about the number on the scale, or have yet to establish “normal” eating patterns. They feel like failures and tell themselves that they’ll never succeed, and this focus reduces the likelihood of moving forward and increases the odds of backsliding or staying stuck.

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You only discover how unlikely success is when you divide success numbers (numerator) by failure (denominator). The likelihood of success, especially high-traffic success, is low. Really low.

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The first step in our quest to help all solopreneurs, SBIers or not, was to help you assess programs. If you insist on verifiable proof of success (), you become foolproof.

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Survivorship bias or survival bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility.

Lack of people focus hampers financial success of M&A

Yes, a low percent of folks can and do figure it out. The small number who succeed makes others believe that they can do it too. That is classic "survivorship bias" — they don't see the 100+ who fail for every success.

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"BigCo" sitebuilders and web hosts impress solopreneurs with their size and ads, but their track records of success are dismal. There's little difference between these two...