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We hold that the portions of the report subject to expunction are those that disclose the substance of witness’ testimony before the grand jury.

The family did not attend court to hear the jury's decision.

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Officer Barber positioned himself adjacent to the Mazda, thus exposing himself to possible injury.
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The injury was reported, but it was another 24 hours before Delgado saw a doctor, who noted a sprained neck and a baseball-sized swelling on his head, "consistent with having the head slammed into a hard surface at an angle greater than horizontal."Delgado, Barefield, and Jackson have filed suit against the TYC, charging excessive force.

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Barber concedes that the grand jury’s report was lawful in this sense.
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The six paragraphs of facts quoted above, as well as the summary of witness’ testimony, are consistent with the grand jury’s conclusion regarding Officer Barber’s conduct in the shooting.


and therefore admitted them subject to the jury's making an ..

The grand jury’s conclusion was "proper" within the meaning of section 905.28(1).
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Prout said on Today that she and her family had been willing to accept a letter from apology from Labrie before proceeding with the criminal charges.

Labrie, now 20, was found not guilty of a felony rape charge, although a jury did find him guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault.

Section 905.24, Florida Statutes (1995), mandates the secrecy of grand jury proceedings.
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In our view, it was designed to constitute a brake on wild grand jury charges against individuals which are either (1) outside the scope of the grand jury’s lawful authority to comment on, or (2) entirely unsupported by any facts as found by the grand jury itself.

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After the car came to a stop, Officer Barber fired a shot through a partially lowered rear window, hitting a passenger in the head.
The grand jury did not indict Officer Barber for a criminal offense because it concluded that there were enough factors (i.e., inability to see) to conclude that the officer legitimately feared for his safety and the safety of his fellow officer.

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The grand jury did conclude that Officer Barber’s shooting of the victim may have resulted from panic, bad judgment and negligence.
The DCA agreed that the grand jury’s conclusions regarding Officer Barber were proper because they were based on proper factual findings.

the court's or jury's decision on issues of fact

The grand jury recommended additional training for the entire road division of the police department and psychological counseling and community service with teenagers for the officers involved.

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In addition to criminal offenses, a grand jury may investigate the actions of public officials, including "reporting or presenting findings and recommendations as to practices, procedures, incompetency, inefficiency, mistakes and misconduct involving public offices and monies."

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The factual foundation requirement does not require a circuit court to review the evidence presented to the grand jury; the grand jury’s factual findings are not subject to reversal.