• Why is it important?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why is it important?

They were "the best of the best" that England had to offer in Hebrew and Greek language studies and biblical scholarship.

Context & Translation: Why Good Translation Is Important

Why Translation is Important in An English-Speaking World

Here are 5 reasons why translation is important and will remain ..
Gordon Campbell, in his recent Oxford University Press book entitled , calls the King James Version "the most important book in the English language." Any book that elicits such claims as these is a "wonder book."

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The foundation on which everything else rested was the influence of the King James Version on the English language.
Although English is widely spoken and taught, the actual phonemes (units of sounds) in the language are not that easy to grasp. They are made easier through constant exposure to these sounds, through music and TV, but the sounds remain very different from those we are used to creating in our mother tongue. This is why many French people have such a strong accent when speaking English.


you will see the importance of English.

Some research has shown that our palate, one of the most important parts of the mouth responsible for elocution, along with the tongue and the throat, stops evolving after we are 16 years old, with the implications that if we start learning a language after that point, we will never really sound native.

Isn’t it therefore time to start teaching kids phonetics when they learn a new language, rather than keeping this subject available only to those who want to specialise in it? It would be great if we could finally recognise the importance of speaking a language properly, rather than this “good enough” attitude that some countries, including my own, seem to have towards language learning skills.

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The request followed research of the US Bible market conducted last year by Zondervan. The findings showed that while the GNB ranked fourth highest in terms of awareness (42 per cent), it ranked only twelfth in terms of sales (3.1 per cent). Researchers concluded that one reason why high brand awareness translated into a low market share was the mistaken belief that GNB is a paraphrase -- a conclusion supported by the ABS’s own research. Zondervan and the ABS have agreed that changing the name to the “will help build confidence in the translation because it addresses the misperception head-on.”

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Although this is usually not openly acknowledged by the translators, it is no secret that missionary translators rarely have competence in the original languages and that they commonly use English versions instead of the original language texts. See H. Fehderau, “The Role of Bases & Models in Bible Translations,” 30 (1980), pp. 401-19. For a discussion of the use of the GNB as a base text for Indonesian translations see the unpublished doctoral dissertation of Anthony Howard Nichols, (University of Sheffield, November 1996).

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Dozens of familiar sayings entered the English language through the King James Version (which both perpetuated felicitous formulations from earlier translations and added to the storehouse): .

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For my part, I think the pronunciation plays a very important part in the language learning process. This is also made obvious by people who get put off learning German, or on the grounds that it’s too difficult to pronounce words correctly.