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We have found a strategic location in southern Missouri where huge concentrations of migrating spring snow geese travel through every spring.

The balance of the Spring snow goose hunt is due upon arrival.

Your balance is for the first day of the snow goose hunt.

We hunt the snow goose in dry wheat and corn fields depending on crop rotation.
In Wallen’s party of l76l, some were known to hunt as fart away as the Cumberland river in western Tenn. Among those known to have been in this party, besides Wallen, there was his father-in-law Jack Blevins, his brother-in-law, William Blevins, Charles Cox, William Newman, William Pitman, Henry Scaggs, Uriah Stone, Michael Stoner; James Harrod and William Carr. At this time, William Pittman was in his early twenties, six feet tall and of fine appearance. There were several Pittmans and more than one named William.

Their use can dramatically increase the chance of a successful hunt.

We highly recommend that a group of 5 - 6 hunters book the trip and stay for 2 - 3 days.
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A no hunting sign wasnailed to the top of one of the posts.

That offers you the opportunity of having the pit blind to yourself with no other hunters.
This is the very same Michael Stoner who was at Castlewood and went with Daniel Boone in l774 to Ky. to warn the surveying parties of Indian dangers just prior to the outbreak of Dunmore’s war, and without proof, there is every evidence that Stoner was much better acquainted with Ky. than was Boone, for Boone’s first trip through Cumberland Gap was in l769, and after having missed finding the gap on previous trips, he was at this time led through the gap by John Findley, another long hunter and settler on the Cumberland River in Tenn.

Once he was introduced to the great sport of snow goose hunting in the late 90's he was hooked.
According to information found in the book “Elisha Wallen, The Longhunter”
This Elisha Walling was of dark skin, black hair and black eyes. One of the stoutest men in Virginia, New River, Surry County.

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The last account of Elisha Walden in Virginia is contained in a Washington County, Virginia account of his return on 25 March 1785 to his old home near Callands when “the old pioneer and hunter, Captain Elisha Walden of Holstein River, Tennessee, returned for a visit” and was tendered a tremendous reception.

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A Report on the History and Family Of
William Blevins Sr.
Of Virginia
Showing 25 Ascendants
And Uncounted Descendants

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A salt lick was the favorite hunting site of the Indians and long hunters. The hunters would position themselves at strategic points along the trails the animals traveled to the lick and make their kill. Numerous historical records of the frontier give accounts of the well known licks such as the Bledsoe lick in Sumner County Tennessee, the Blue lick in central Kentucky and the French lick in southern Indiana, but little is known about the large lick at Blackwater. Perhaps this is because the Blackwater lick was discovered at least a quarter of a century before the licks in Sumner County in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana and by the time of their discovery the pressure of hunting at the Blackwater lick had depleted the size of the herd animals to near extinction; however, the trails carved out by buffalo remained and were used by the hunters as the choice route leading from the frontier to Kentucky. The long hunters knew about the lick as early as 1761, and it was a landmark on the old hunters path from the New River to Powell Valley.

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My name is Les Blevins. I’m a descendant of the father in law of Elisha Wallen Sr. He was William Blevins as you may know. I also have Lawson and Bunch ancestors and I authored a book entitled “THE LONGHUNTERS” which is a genealogical report on the Blevins family who descend from the Blevins Longhunters. Contact me at LBlevins (at)sunflower (dot) com