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There are ancient Greek yo-yos made of terra cotta in museums in Athens and yo-yos are pictured on the walls of Egyptian temples.

In general, yo-yo saleswent up and down as often as the toy.

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He started a company to make the toys, calling it the Flores Yo-Yo Company.
The development of Hazel Park Michigan was also dependent on many other builders and developers other than the TroyOak group of B. F. Stephenson. One of these was the Hubbard and Hubbard real estate group. See the house below, listed for a nicely priced $39.50 a month. The advertisement pegs the start of the subdivision …

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Duncan, an entrepreneur first encountered the yo-yo during a business trip to California.
People LOVE to place this bet on the come out roll. (If it hits, it's considered to be a pass-line winner on the comeout, a loser for those playing "the don't") Another time people love to get down on a "yo" is when they're winning big and looking to parlay their profits.


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The biggest yo-yo boom in history hit in 1962, following the innovative use of TV advertising.
Did you know that one of the world's most famous toys, the Duncan yo-yo, was produced in Wisconsin for most of its existence? The Duncan Company, desiring better access to Wisconsin's hard maple timber resources, built a plant in Luck, Wisconsin in 1946 producing millions of wooden yo-yos for children around the world. Years later the Flambeau Products Corporation of Baraboo, Wisconsin purchased the Duncan brand and continued to make plastic yo-yos in Wisconsin until the late 1990s. This Duncan Butterfly yo-yo was used as a prop in television promotions for the Wisconsin Lottery around the years 1988-1995.

In fact, the word "yo-yo" itself was a registered trademark of Duncan until 1965.
This case is quite old, but probably one of the great unsolved missing person cases in American history. In Dorotthy Forstein was your typical housewife, happily married, with three kids.

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The Oreo History campaign was developed at , New York, by executive creative director Darren Moran, creative director Megan Williams, group creative director/copywriter/art director Jill Applebaum, creative director/art director Megan Sheehan, copywriter/art director Bob Neuman, executive producer Anthony Nelson, concept team Pierre-Marie Faussurier and Sebastien Zanini, photographer , designers Yego Moravia, Johnny Por Taing, Bangwool Han, art producer James Kozyra.

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of, Fall River, Massachusetts introduced the most important breakthrough in yo-yo technology since the invention of the slip-string, or sleeping, yo-yo, namely, "Yomega, the yo-yo with a Brain®.

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The word yo-yo is a Tagalog word, the nativelanguage of the Philippines, and means 'come back.' In the Philippines,the yo-yo was a weapon for over 400 hundred years.

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Meisenheimer / Paperback - 240 pages 1 edition (Oct.1999) / Lucky J S Swim & Surf Inc
This guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos is the most comprehensive yo-yo guide ever published, containing coverage of the history of major manufacturers as well as the history of yo-yo contests.

by Stuart F., Jr.

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Duncan Butterfly yo-yo manufactured by the Flambeau Corporation, Baraboo,
Wisconsin, 1988-1995.

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